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Date: 04-02-2003   Hits: 1811
MochaSofa MochaSofa - Online portal to a variety of Canadian women's magazines, offering articles, tips and newsletters on practical subjects, food, health and beauty. MochaSofa.ca (French site: MokaSofa) is owned by Transcontinental, Canada's largest publisher of women's magazines. Its...

Date: 14-11-2003   Hits: 1532
More MORE.com is the online companion to MORE magazine. The site is anchored by the MORE model search, offering customers a chance to learn about and enter the contest, and read about past winners. The site also features interactive quizzes, slide shows, and an extensive Health section...

Date: 19-11-2004   Hits: 1462
Nirali Nirali, which means "different" in several South Asian languages, is just that—a different kind of magazine for today's modern South Asian American woman. Published monthly online, Nirali Magazine reflects the identity, needs and interests of South Asian American women all over...

Date: 28-11-2005   Hits: 1321
Notebook Notebook: Magazine | Ideas for Living. Proudly celebrity free, and all about your life!

Date: 08-02-2007   Hits: 1276
Nuts4chic Nuts4chic has exposed the best beauty secrets ever to make you look like a different person like a dream comes true. Nuts4chic typifies the concepts like womens issues , agony aunt , arts & entertainment & fun quizzes in its life and style magazine.

Date: 29-08-2004   Hits: 1185
Potion Potion is your on-line girlfriend. We are the ear that hears and does not judge. There are 16 million websites dedicated to the complex topic of dating yet it's difficult to find a site that doesn't involve swingers, mail-order brides or porn. Like you, we have standards and...

Date: 31-08-2005   Hits: 2338
Regeltante Regeltante bemiddelt in heel Nederland in functies voor particulier huispersoneel, tevens zijn wij een erkend gastouderbureau, zodat het mogelijk is voor gastouder en oppas aan huis een bijdrage van het rijk of werkgever aan te vragen. Kandidaten en klanten die zich via Regeltante...

Date: 28-11-2004   Hits: 1384
Sapna Magazine Sapna Magazine is the modern Desi girl's guide to life. Get the latest in beauty, fashion, love, lifestyle, career and culture, with a South Asian twist.

Date: 26-07-2004   Hits: 1726
SheKnows The SheKnows Network is a group of websites of interest to women -- covering everything from pregnancy to parenting, health to hobbies, home decor to money management, dating to weddings. SheKnows.com was founded in 1999 by Nancy Price and Betsy Gartrell. Already the owners/creators...

Date: 29-10-2003   Hits: 1521
SheSaid Shesaid is an online women's magazine providing the latest gossip, competitions, holiday information and advice on fashion, beauty, food and relationships. Ireckon's ARK Content Management System makes the process of sharing all this information simple and last year Ireckon gave...

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