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Cool Hunter

The Cool Hunter is an Internet-based hub for the best and coolest of everything. Created and engineered for today’s demanding and discerning pop-culture audience – highly invested in stylistic and cultural trends. Global in scope, The Cool Hunter is a budding brand which aggregates all that is sought after in the world's of urban living, design, fashion, music and pop culture. It stays relevant by staying ahead of the shifts in taste, style and the fascinations of its audience. The essence of the Cool Hunter is the ethos of 'global information channeling' that is not regionally specific, but rather based on worldwide relevance. In a society obsessed with the shiny and new, The Cool Hunter has become the reference point of choice for the latest in what's hot tomorrow. The Cool Hunter receives over 420,000 unique visitors per month (over 1.4 million hits) from readers all over the globe. The unique subscriber base reaches out to thousands of subscribers each week by way of the ever popular Cool Hunter Newsletter. With a reputation which proceeds itself, the Cool hunter, now in its second year, is regarded as a benchmark reference point for trend spotting and cultural awareness of 'the now'. Debuting the world’s latest in the shiny and new, has earned the Cool Hunter a prime pole positions in the ever changing and competitive market of trend reporting. The Cool Hunter readers are generation X and Y who set the trends themselves. They are hip, intelligent and internet savvy. They want to know where to get the best of the best, the first of the first, the coolest of the coolest. They expect instant information gratification and are equipped to rapidly process an onslaught of diverse multi media information. They’re creatively-minded, culturally aware, confident, stylishly sociable consumers . They know about style, music, fashion and entertainment .They have a voracious appetite for what’s new and what’s cool. These readers come from every corner of the globe and bring with them distinguished tastes and specific requirements which are met with precision by the manner in which the Cool Hunter reports.
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