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Date: 14-03-2005   Hits: 2377
Sensibilities Sensibilities | ADN DNA is a French trend studio that edits and publishes top-of-the-line trend books: Sensibilities by French trend specialist lilyO. Trend books by lilyO contain the latest color, style and material trends and forecasts for interiors, design and food. Common users...

Date: 08-04-2006   Hits: 1537
Space Maker Spacemaker Design Office | Space Maker | We are a design and forcecasting office, based in Paris, specialised in sportswear, activewear and streetwear. We decode and illustrate creative and social emergent influences; we design trend books and create specific trends or exclusive...

Date: 18-04-2004   Hits: 1785
Spread Spread, Inc. was created in an effort to discover and "spread" the fresh, innovative, and newly emerged fashion designers throughout the world to the women's high-end specialty market. Its mission is dedicated to spreading the art of fashion by circulating seeds of raw, unique...

Date: 21-06-2005   Hits: 1764
Stijlinstituut Amsterdam The stijlinstituut forecasts, at an early stage, developments and changes in behavior, mentality, style, design, materials and colour for the fashion and -sensitive industries and services. The stijlinstituut offers books and workshops. The first edition, containing megatrends,...

Date: 20-03-2006   Hits: 1406
Stockholm Design Lab Stockholm Design Lab | Drive - A conviction that good design can be an important tool to create a better every day life for people, companies and societies. Belief - That the surprising is more interesting than the expected, that content always rules and that the result is the sum...

Date: 30-01-2005   Hits: 2371
Studio Commandeur Studio Commandeur is a fashion trend forecast design communication marketing vision concept consulant mode en vormgeving.

Date: 27-07-2006   Hits: 1458
Studio MDeSign Studio MDesign is a Bureau for Styling consult, Fashion Design (Womenswear and Menswear), and Illustration, helping you fine tune your product line to the development of today's market. We produce new designs within your assortment, patterns, prints, jacquards, or even a fully...

Date: 28-04-2005   Hits: 1937
Style up Style up - trend research - recherche tendances. Our trend and design department offers you many years of experience in the field of trendscouting and design. We have the right sense for commercial trends and implement them individually for you.

Date: 02-01-2007   Hits: 1717
Swarovski Swarovski | For Fall/Winter 2007/08, the Swarovski trendspotters are signposting refined designs, reflecting the evolution towards to elimentariness and uniqueness. The team has highlighted five seasonal trend directions, where individuality is ring-fenced and expressed in tailormade...

Date: 13-02-2004   Hits: 2536
The Tobe Report The Tobe Report is considered the fashion industry's leading and most respected fashion/merchandising publication for retailers. Often referred to as the "bible of the fashion industry," The Tobe Report's editors analyze every facet of the women's, children's, men's apparel...

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