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Date: 07-08-2001   Hits: 8997
Fashion Information Fashion Information is a new concept in fashion reporting published exclusively on the Internet. A great womenswear forecasting and trend reporting service offering a close and detailed insight into fashion trends from a unique perspective. FashionInformation | A fashion forecasting...

Date: 19-11-2007   Hits: 1780
Fashion Pro Japan Fashion Pro Japan

Date: 05-10-2004   Hits: 2601
Fashion Scout Fashion Scout - We are an innovative Creative, Fashion & Trend Consultancy based in London covering other major European cities, providing tailored Trend reports direct to the Fashion Industry.

Date: 13-02-2004   Hits: 4352
Fashion Snoops Fashion Snoops is all about answering the needs of product development professionals. That is why our creative teams are made up of designers - not reporters. We planned the services to answer information gaps that we identified while designing lines. Fashion Snoops was created...

Date: 04-05-2005   Hits: 3126
Fashion Trendsetter Fashion Trendsetter is the online fashion forecasting, trend reporting and news e-zine, up-to-date fashion information from the major trade fairs, trend reports & forecasts.

Date: 18-01-2005   Hits: 2826
Fashionstylist Fashionstylist - Trends, style and international fashion-news. The fashion portal you don't have to miss it.

Date: 20-01-2003   Hits: 2063
Gianni Usai Gianni Usai is a seasoned communication man. Has worked in the following sectors: automotive, trucks, publishing, eyewear, fashion, wine & spirits, pace-makers, petrol, travels, industrial design, arts, culture, consumer goods, distribution. At the moment he is involved inside...

Date: 13-03-2003   Hits: 4110
Girl-on-the-street Girl-on-the-street - Global Street Trends from Chauncey and GOTS Girls Worldwide - Also: Empowering innovative, entrepreneurial young women who are 'on the street', in the mix, and bootstrapping it to make their creative dreams come true.

Date: 04-04-2004   Hits: 2083
Grain de Couleur The organization of Grain de Couleur was created to satisfy all types of request. Whatever your project and the stage to which you entrust it to us, our departments are able to propose many possibilities of creation, manufacturing, fabrics, according to your request and of your...

Date: 27-07-2006   Hits: 1794
Inform Style Seekers Inform Style Seekers is a team of experienced, fashion forward professionals, who embark on an urban style safari daily, covering L.A.’s never-ending fashion districts, in search of what’s hot now and the next big “must-have” item. We study and analyze the gathered material and...

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