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Date: 27-09-2004   Hits: 2198
J. Lindeberg Johan Lindeberg | The J.L Webstore, when identifying the target consumer for J. Lindeberg products, Lindeberg speaks in terms of mind-set, not a demographic. J. Lindeberg will appeal to a modern and aware consumer looking for a more individual style, whether he is 18 or 60. A...

Date: 20-08-2001   Hits: 2620
Jnco Jeans Jnco Jeans | Fast becoming the king of jeans, Jnco offers unique styles that combine funky designs with street sense. Take a little bit of extreme sport, mix in a little hip-hop and hard rock culture, and you've got an up-and-coming brand that delivers quality and tons of...

Date: 01-02-2004   Hits: 2628
John Eshaya John Eshaya | A Look at T-Shirt Designer John Eshaya (JET) "When international fashionistas crave the LA look, what they're picking up on is John Eshaya's style," says Buzz Mag. Eshaya is said to cross runway with street in a way that's fresh and wearable. Featured in Elle,...

Date: 09-03-2004   Hits: 2185
Jordan Kraft Jordan Kraft | Created by Jordan Pflugh Kraft, kraft. is a Brooklyn, NYC-based studio focusing on art, media, and fashion. Born and raised in Alaska, Jordan Kraft ventured abroad to Japan before heading to Philadelphia for university, and on to New York City purely for the experience....

Date: 30-08-2010   Hits: 1179
Jukupop Online Fashion Boutique Jukupop carry a unique collection of t-shirts, hoodies, funky bags and purses for men and women. Jukupop offers something a bit different with the emphasis on fun and quirkiness. Jukupop t-shirts are often spotted on many a celebrity, Paris Hilton, Hayden Panettiere & Amy Winehouse...

Date: 17-03-2003   Hits: 2476
Just Another Rich Kid Just Another Rich Kid | There is little Brooklyn-based clothing company that has gained quite a bit of notoriety recently. Just Another Rich Kid produces provocatively graphic-ed shirts that stencilled with either silhouettes of LA plastic surgery muppet, Angelyne, relatively plain...

Date: 02-03-2002   Hits: 2150
Just Jeans Just Jeans has created a significant niche in the market of good quality, fashionable and affordable casual clothes. Jeans and denim are an integral part of the product range and to some extent define relaxed casual clothing. To maintain this position, Just Jeans Product and...

Date: 21-08-2005   Hits: 1396
Just Tease Just Tease presents a line of the finest Swarovski crystal studded t-shirts, tank tops and apparel! The Ultimate Ice Breaker: Swarovski Crystal Studded Shirt with an attitude from Just Tease.

Date: 12-01-2003   Hits: 2250
K Adorable KAdorable | K Adorable tees | Homemade by two artists in Williamsburg, the hand-silkscreened cotton shirts are funky yet minimalist, which means they work as well for the hipster as for the banker. k adorable is ready to solve all our your t-shirt dilemmas and maybe fulfill some...

Date: 29-03-2003   Hits: 2183
Karmaloop Karmaloop, established in 1999, offers you the largest selection of urban, streetwear, rave & boutique clothing labels from around the world. Karmaloop wishes to promote a fresh aesthetic appealing to our generation. The Karmaloop team consists of creative individuals with geographic...

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