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Björn Borg

Björn Borg | Since 1997, WBM has successfully developed the Björn Borg brand on the basis of an exclusive trademark license granting the right to produce, market and sell Björn Borg products in all countries worldwide. The brand is characterized by quality products with a creative and innovative design influenced by the sporty heritage that the name Björn Borg conveys. Today, the brand stands increasingly on its own merits and is associated more and more with underwear and footwear, etc. and less with Björn Borg as a person. The Bjorn Borg brand occupies a strong position in existing markets and is, within its segment, market leader in men’s underwear. Operations have expanded profitably and WBM has been able to successfully establish the brand internationally. The Netherlands, where approximately 25 percent of sales are generated today, is an example of this. Our brand naturally starts off with Björn Borg’s amazing tennis career. But it is not only his fantastic victories, which have created the fundament for our brand. Björn was also one of the most influential style icons during the 70´s and 80´s. Most of his fans did not actually care at all about tennis. Björn Borg had irresistible looks with his long blond hair, athletic body and typically Scandinavian shyness. On the court, he was strong, fast and unforgiving. His opponents called him the "Ice Man" for his calmness and reserved personality. Tennis became overnight an extremely popular sport. Björn Borg was more popular than many rock and pop stars of the time. He was a major celebrity all around the world, particularly in Europe, where his face was found everywhere and in every magazine. The implication for the brand is that Björn Borg is naturally implanted in both fashion and sports. To this, we have with our design and attitude added sexiness and style. And finally, we always make certain that our products are comfortable and easily wearable.
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