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Chaingang | Beauty in Chains | Whilst Chaingang's label is unmistakable, our different series make it varied. Our first series is fanciful and romantically inspired. The main colour theme is given by small antique glass pearls: the "Charlotte Pearls". These small diamond cut pearls were manufactured at the beginning of the 20th century in the Czech Republic, and as each one is unique - they ensure that every chain is a limited edition. Our second series is more opulent, combining the "Charlotte Pearls" with semi-precious stones : rose quartz, onyx, jasper, haematin, jade, sarder, smoked quartz, aventurine, fresh water beads, and much more. We work these semi-precious stones in combination with silver chains, leather, rivets and horn producing a more extravagant, lavish jewellery. Our third series is minimalist and understated. Various silver-gold chains and leather ribbons are combined with a large selection of pendants and charms. These pendants and charms are all made from 925 Sterling Silver and are quintessentially characteristic of Chaingang. Some of them, the Astamangalas, Buddhas and Kartika, are from Nepal. In their deeper meaning they provide the owner with protection, power and fortune. All other pendants, angels, fairies, dragonflies, unicorns, stars, hearts, sculls and more, are also made from 925 Sterling Silver or are gold plated. They can be worn as per their meaning, or simply as an expression of fashion. All pieces are hand-made in Munich exclusively from high quality natural materials. The possible variations mean that no line within the first two series will exceed 30 pieces. We hope you have as much pleasure wearing our jewellery, as we had creating it.
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