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Doll Bags

If joy, color and vibration were the best words to describe Brazil- they would also be the best words to describe the colorful universe of designer Sandra Fukelmann. When she created Doll Bags two years ago, Fukelmann gave birth to a true dream factory! Under her supervision, skilled dressmakers and professional embroiderers use remnants of fabric, ribbons, rag dolls and any other available materials, to create tantalizing and unique bags and accessories. According to her, each piece produced in this "dream factory" brings out the colors, the beliefs and the roots of the Brazilian people. The designer's showroom, a true doll house, is very in vogue in the Brazilian fashion world and has now also become a mandatory "pit-stop" for European designers and international buyers. Doll has had fantastic reviews in national fashion editorials and has started to gain notoriety in the international media after the creation of an exclusive line for the Swarovski crystals. Currently, Doll bags are available at some of the most exclusive fashion addresses throughout Brazil and as of May 2004 they will be in Europe, at the British department store 'Selfridges' and at the fashion and art gallery 'Paulista' in The Netherlands. Doll, it's all about a colorful dream!
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