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Chick on a Mission

DChick on a Mission | Dutch accessory brand Chick on a Mission. At the core, the mission has always been an adventure of the heart. Founded on the vision that fashion has the ability to empower. Chick on a Mission is a tribute to those who hold the same belief. Chick on a Mission, with bags and belts like exquisite artifacts, is about volcanoes erupting molten lava, about razor blade sharp attitude. Itís about fierce feminine force. There is something very primal about Chick on a Mission. A tribute to warrior women who spawned the legends that still live on today. The power of the designs and the awesome physical presence they project is nearly immodest. They raise fear, lust and adrenaline. What makes designer Patricia Boss great is her ability to tell stories through the design; magic and mythology cut into her vision of archetypal women. Her brand is about mature, curvaceous women and power wrapped in beauty. Figure hugging body armour-like corsets, sensuality balanced perfectly against bold leather, copper rings, feathers and loops of fur. The most impressive aspect of the collection are the glamour twists into the back-to-nature mix.If Joan of Arc were to walk down fifth Avenue these creations are what she would opt to wear. ìDonít fuck with me, I am a Chick on a Mission and I will eat you for breakfast.î Fashion has never looked so single minded and confident, Chick on a Mission turns heads and re-writes the books on what it means to be a woman in the urban jungle. Summer ë07 is about sea kissed flowers, rubbed leather & army prints, graphics and enchanting golden leather. Itís intense. Watch out for Chick on a Mission!
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