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Charles L Thomas

Charles L. Thomas is quickly becoming one of the most refreshing up and coming handbag designers to arrive onto the scene. His creations are artistic but beautifully classic and bring quality to a whole new level and is soon to set a new standard to the quality of designing the perfect handbag. Not forgetting what a woman really needs and wants without compromising her femininity and ability to take on the challenges of the new millennium. Charles' creativity started young by teaching himself the sewing skills needed to set his passion into motion. By his early twenty's Charles brought his creativity, talent and well practiced skills to the next level. While having a career as a ballroom dance instructor for several years, he became aware of his female coworkers and how they were about to become his muses for whom he began to create elaborate ballroom dancing gowns and sexy latin costumes that were not only beautiful, but also had to be durable, functional and be a literal extension of the dancer for whom it was to adorn. This experience had a lasting impact on the creations of the future handbag designer. The challenges he had to overcome taught him valuable lessons in the art of combining style, quality, durability, beauty, form and function. In 2004 Charles L Thomas started his own label and as most legendary designers who have started before him, he has been moved by an unparalleled ambition equal only to his incomparable passion for designing.and creating. Today Charles is striving to have his creations to be known though out the world. A lot of thought, consideration, and hard work goes into each and every handbag Charles designs. By designing every creation from the inside out his creations are beautiful and functional on the inside as well as on the outside for which his bags are known for. Charles is very much a hands on designer and pays particular attention to detail so that his designs are not simply designs, but a work of functional art. Although he acknowledges the trends, Charles doesn't allow them to fully dictate his creations. Charles believes that his creations must come from his heart and be designed for the woman with discriminating tastes and have the perfect accessory that she will love and use fora long time.
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