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Date: 20-01-2003   Hits: 2800
Castelijn & Beerens Castelijn & Beerens started out in 1945. Waalwijk then lay in the centre of an area successful in the leather industry and Walter Castelijn, a master stitcher and Marinus Beerens, a leather cutter, met each other in a bar in Waalwijk. A cooperation was forged and hailed the start...

Date: 01-12-2007   Hits: 2016
Celicase The Celicase is a small handmade genunine Turkish leather purse designed to carry only your most essential items. The Celicase's uniqueness comes in its 5 distinct carrying options. It can be clutched, clipped, looped, belted, or strapped. There are 2 beautiful Celi styles- Smooth...

Date: 23-04-2002   Hits: 4094
Cellarrich Cellarrich is a company with four women: Sacha, Miriam, Minet and Ally. The four studied together. Soon after their studies they started their own company called Cellarrich Connexion. The first few years Cellarrich had a workshop in a small nearby 'Anne Franks house' in Amsterdam....

Date: 23-09-2004   Hits: 1964
Chantilly Chantilly is an Australian label which makes gorgeous limited edition handbags and accessories from the finest materials such as French laces, Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones. A relative newcomer in the fashion stakes, Chantilly Designs does one thing and does it well...

Date: 24-09-2006   Hits: 1535
Charles L Thomas Charles L. Thomas is quickly becoming one of the most refreshing up and coming handbag designers to arrive onto the scene. His creations are artistic but beautifully classic and bring quality to a whole new level and is soon to set a new standard to the quality of designing the...

Date: 26-05-2002   Hits: 6018
Chick on a Mission DChick on a Mission | Dutch accessory brand Chick on a Mission. At the core, the mission has always been an adventure of the heart. Founded on the vision that fashion has the ability to empower. Chick on a Mission is a tribute to those who hold the same belief. Chick on a Mission,...

Date: 11-08-2003   Hits: 2436
Chrome Industries Chrome Industries - Designed for the long haul.. Ten hours a day in the rain, mud, snow and grit. For years Chrome messenger bags have been crashed, smashed, and trashed by couriers worldwide. Chrome is a San Francisco based manufacturer of weatherproof messenger bags, DJ bags,...

Date: 22-02-2004   Hits: 2737
Chwynyn The themes Chwynyn explores are often heavy and serious but she prefers to present her subject matter with an optimistic and joyful outlook. In Chwynyn's art jewelry she conveys this attitude through whimsical images of mermaids, faeries, dragonflies, and other delightful images....

Date: 11-08-2005   Hits: 2491
CIN by Cindy Jeurissen Cindy Jeurissen is proud to present her first collection of handbags. The label is called CIN and from september it's in the shops. At her website you see the latest collection and information. Cin by Cindy Jeurissen is zowel trendy als tijdloos. De exclusieve materiaal- en...

Date: 12-06-2005   Hits: 2018
Claire V. Claire V. is a cohesive line of high-quality hand woven silk handbags, evening wraps, makeup cases and other accessories.

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