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Date: 07-11-2010   Hits: 1838
49 Square Miles 49 Square Miles was born of a collaborative experience in the accessory industry together with a genuine love of the San Francisco Bay area.The collection utilizes Italian leathers in rich, saturated color, paired with exposed stitching and minimal hardware. Such details lend to...

Date: 19-10-2003   Hits: 5765
Abbey Branch Abbey Branch | A dream of her great-grandmother’s handbag was all the inspiration needed for the birth of the abbey branch collection. A pattern full of rhythm & movement, the fictitious tote was a perfect combination of fashion, art and architecture. Thus began her quest to create...

Date: 11-05-2006   Hits: 3198
Agnes & Hoss Agnes & Hoss | What is curiosity? Where does it live? What does it look like? Does it wear a hat? Is it French? Curiosity can be sneaky. The light shifts and suddenly your eyes see something in a way they never have before. You might ignore it and keep on walking, but curiosity...

Date: 08-03-2006   Hits: 5091
AlekWek1933 AlekWek1933 | Alek’s first line, WEK1933, appeared in stores in October 2001 and consisted of 23 pieces in various shades and textures to compliment any occasion. Vivid recollections of her beloved late father’s handsome briefcase inspired the line. Alek integrated his influences...

Date: 15-11-2004   Hits: 5182
Allison Burns Allison Burns | Designer Allison Burns is a child of the 1970's, the last decade in America where anybody over the age of 30 remembers having fun. New York born-and-bred, Alison took up sewing at age 11 while her upbringing transported her from the "Big Apple" to the sunny beaches...

Date: 06-10-2004   Hits: 4106
Aluma Bags Aluma Bags by Omer Oren | Aluma is a fresh new bag label that has originality as its first priority. Omer Oren is the designer of the aluma bag collection. With a background in industrial design she has created a line of bags that has joined creativity, functionality and playfulness....

Date: 12-08-2004   Hits: 4746
Alyssa Graves Alyssa Graves was raised bicoastally in Connecticut and California. Although she studied sculpture in college, she chose to pursue a career in fashion and moved to New York City, where she has lived ever since. After two years at Marie Claire magazine in the editorial department,...

Date: 08-07-2003   Hits: 3866
Ambrosía Pitigüil Ambrosía Pitigüil | Ambrosia Pitiguil | Fashion bags for men and woman.They are from the basque country. Colorful and desing bags.

Date: 12-10-2004   Hits: 4379
Ananas Ananas is the design team of Jennifer Baum Lagdameo and Miwako Washio. While living in the Philippines, Jennifer was inspired by the indigenous materials and textile techniques. Her first experiments were with pina (pineapple fiber) and she soon started a small business designing...

Date: 20-09-2005   Hits: 3457
Angel Jackson Angel Jackson is a luxury accessories line that evokes a feeling of effortless glamour. Over the past 18 months, the sister duo Katie and Millie behind the label have been sourcing an eclectic mix of materials and fabrics from around the world. Attention to detail and quality of...

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