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Alain Quilici

Born in Tuscany to a family of cobblers, Alain Quilici has been designing his namesake shoe collection for two years. He creates with form and function in his mind, adding an unexpected third element. The formula, then, goes: form follows function follows VISION.

Alain Quilici has built his peculiar aesthetic relying on inspirations as diverse and coherent as the flesh and metal hybrids of Shinya Tsukamoto’s post human cinema, the physical and psychological deformations of David Cronenberg’s movies and the muscular drama of Francis Bacon’s and Egon Schiele’s paintings.

Transformation, morphing, evolution are constant themes in his oeuvre. No longer mere accessories, shoes turn into foot suffix that organically extend and redefine the body, creating a new, seducing brand of anatomy.

Forms are often quizzing, always incisive, never frivolous: design follows a rigorous determinism that makes sure that every element goes through an evolution process. The mechanical transformation takes off from a well-known starting point to reach unexpected results. The silhouette of a roller or ice skate, for instance, spawns a fetishistic bootie; a wedge, thorn apart, generates a stiletto heel; a sturdy heel hides a slim metallic blade. Elsewhere, a heel turns into a curvy, menacing drill; vertical cuts on a platforms suggest joints on conveyer belts; a wedge heel gets an angular silhouette, as it is forcing its very own limits.

To highlight the rigor of the composition, colors are generally limited to a strict palette of graphic black and white, grey and flesh-like neutrals.

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