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Date: 06-05-2004   Hits: 7888
28 Sport 28 Sport | Buenos Aires | An retro design shoe company in Argentina. 28Sport is an Argentinean shop and museum dedicated to recreating classic sports shoes from old. Casual footwear inspired by the sports shoes of the 1940s and 1950s. Although each pair is a one-off, the prices...

Date: 14-10-2005   Hits: 11739
310 Motoring 310 is about a lifestyle. The name is based on the area code for the city of Los Angeles where 310 Motoring was established. Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world…beautiful people, big homes, championship sports, hot cars and sunny skies all provide what this city...

Date: 31-07-2006   Hits: 4092
A Pair A Pair | Lise Freiesleben Hjort and Birgitte Holten started the subsidiary a pair wholesale in 2001. The aim is to make beautiful shoes and at the same time have an experimenting trendy style. The shoes that gives you a head turning look. A Pair shoes goes with the finest designer...

Date: 25-04-2004   Hits: 5579
Adriana Caras Born and raised in Los Angeles, Adriana Caras set out to make handbags that she and her friends would want to carry. The bags were quickly snapped up by editors and were soon seen on the pages of Vogue, WWD, Glamour, and Mademoiselle. As the demand grew, so did Caras' quest for...

Date: 29-04-2002   Hits: 4996
Aerosoles Shoes Since 1987, Aerosoles has developed high quality, comfortable and fashion-right shoes at affordable prices. We offer a vast assortment of Aerosoles women's and men's shoes to suit every occasion, from office wear to weekend gear and everything in between. You get the greatest...

Date: 23-09-2002   Hits: 7871
AirStep The all new AirStep collection consists of a range of high fashion comfort shoes, boots and sandals designed for the UK and made in Italy. The range is constucted using the highest quality softee leathers and lightweight PU and dual density soles. Our emphasis whilst design lead...

Date: 09-04-2012   Hits: 1995
Alain Quilici Born in Tuscany to a family of cobblers, Alain Quilici has been designing his namesake shoe collection for two years. He creates with form and function in his mind, adding an unexpected third element. The formula, then, goes: form follows function follows VISION.Alain Quilici has...

Date: 01-04-2004   Hits: 7517
Alberto Bellini Alberto Shoes and Alberto Bellini are two seperated companies. Alberto Shoes is a shop where you can find the complete line of the Alberto Bellini Shoe Collection while Alberto Bellini designs and retails shoes.

Date: 01-03-2005   Hits: 6484
Alberto Fermani Alberto Fermani | Beautiful leathers, fine craftsmanship and attention to details make this collection one of the most sought after in Italy. The Fermani brothers are known for always pushing the boundaries of shoemaking with new innovations in constructions and always keeping...

Date: 17-08-2004   Hits: 5634
Alberto Gozzi Alberto Gozzi | The shoe factory is very well organized, in fact the entire production, beginning from the designs up to the day the shoes are sent away to the buyers, everything is handeled with extreme professionality and that is thanks to the expert workers in the factory. The...

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