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Date: 16-02-2005   Hits: 2699
Ebru Ercon Ebru Ercon was born and is based in London. She is 27 years old. She received her BA Hons Degree from University of Westminster in 1997. Her highly acclaimed final collection earned her a place on the MA Fashion Design Course at Central St Martins, London. Former MA students...

Date: 07-07-2002   Hits: 3694
Edgar Vos Egar Vos | "What do assymmetrical suits, hand-beaded cocktail dresses and ankle-length leather skirts have in commen? Unmistakable affinity for the female form packaged in the kind of cosmopolitan flair that can be summed up in three little letters on their labels. VOS. Edgar Vos,...

Date: 28-12-2005   Hits: 1652
Edith Agay Edith Agay | We have various possibilities to perceive the world of space. We are able to watch it but also to enter into it. A central theme of fashion is individuality in order to contrast with the masses.

Date: 19-01-2005   Hits: 2443
Editte Keshishyan Editte Keshishyan | Growing up in an environment influenced immensely by art and fashion, Editte Keshishyan spent most of her time sewing clothes and accessories for her dolls, listening to her mother speak about fabrics and patterns, and observing her father sculpt shoes out of...

Date: 28-07-2003   Hits: 5243
Edward An Edward An - [edward an] - Fashionable coats for a new generation. visit the site at edwardan.com and see the latest styles. In a world of flickering, 15-minute fads, Edward An is timeless and classic. She's the part of us that's polished and put together, but eclectic and modern...

Date: 30-01-2006   Hits: 1878
Edwin Oudshoorn Edwin Oudshoorn is in 2004 afgestudeerd als Mode Vormgever aan de HKA. Met zijn eindexamen collectie, gebaseerd op zijn gevoelens over zijn eigen jeugd in een dorp, heeft hij veel interesse gewekt bij de mode-pers en stylisten. Zijn zwierige jurken en vervormde mantelpakjes zijn...

Date: 27-06-2003   Hits: 3705
Egidio Fauzia F. Egidio new Collection by Belgium based Italian designer Egidio Fauzia

Date: 21-10-2007   Hits: 1714
Egli van Gulik VisualStyle nodigt alle fashion-liefhebbers uit voor de gratis toegankelijke expositie van de eigenzinnige ontwerpster Egli van Gulik. De tentoonstelling vertoont de nieuwste collectie van deze designer op zeer elegante wijze en is gratis te bezoeken vanaf de overdekte promenade...

Date: 11-03-2005   Hits: 2005
Egon Von Furstenberg Egon Von Furstenberg an eccentric fashion designer and aristocrat, died on June 11. Cause of death was not released. He was 57. Born in Switzerland, von Furstenberg was descended from a noble German family on his father's side, and from the Italian Agnelli family (owners of the...

Date: 30-03-2003   Hits: 1936
Elaine Perlov Elaine Perlov - Our clothing offers a woman modern, sculptural options to construct a new outfit each day according to her need or whim. Our customer is a sleek urban dresser, a creative participant in the clothes, a woman who understands that "economy of form" can be the most...

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