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Date: 14-09-2007   Hits: 2980
Félice Sierhuis Félice Sierhuis | Fashion-Beauty Model

Date: 12-01-2006   Hits: 1233
Frank Bell Frank Bell | Official website of international male model.

Date: 04-02-2002   Hits: 2156
Gabriela Creciente Gabriela Creciente is a beautiful model from Rosario, Argentina. She started modeling when she was 17. Gabriela is one of the most popular, and exlcusive models of Argentina, having participated in different fashion shows in Europe for designer Giordano. She studies in Political...

Date: 02-02-2003   Hits: 2989
Gabrielle Taber Gabrielle is a rapidly rising plus size model and size acceptance advocate. She has developed a seminar entitled "Beauty Knows No Pain" aimed at helping teenage women be comfortable with their bodies.

Date: 04-02-2002   Hits: 2163
Ganna Welcome to my personal homepage. My name is Ganna, and I am a twenty two-year-old professional model from Russia. My career started at the age of seventeen when I won a modeling award from the Swiss watch company Raymond Weil. Since then, I have worked with the Moscow-based modeling...

Date: 04-02-2002   Hits: 4053
Gisele Bündchen Giselencyclopedia - This site is dedicated to the Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen. Hi, I'm Marco from Palermo, Italy. I'm a great Gisele fan and i' ve decided to dedicate a site to her. My intention was to let her beauty and grace be known to as many people as possible....

Date: 14-08-2004   Hits: 2013
Gisele Bündchen Gisele Caroline Bündchen, often simply known as Gisele, was born on July 20, 1980 in Três de Maio, near Horizontina, Rio Grande do Sul, in southern Brazil. She is the daughter of Valdir and Vânia Bündchen, both of German descent. Valdir is a well known Brazilian businessman owner...

Date: 03-02-2002   Hits: 2754
Heidi Klum Heidi Klum is undoubtedly one of the most famous models in the world (and with no exaggeration, one of the most beautiful). Merely in her late-twenties, she seems poised for the kind of longevity in the business not often seen among the top fashion models, with endorsements and...

Date: 03-02-2002   Hits: 2507
Iman Iman is known for being one of the first people to challenge and change prevailing notions of beauty from the beginning of her career in the 1970's. The daughter of an African diplomat, Iman was born in Somalia on July 25, 1955. She was raised speaking 5 languages, and was a co-ed...

Date: 04-02-2002   Hits: 3832
Jeisa Chiminazzo Jeisa Chiminazzo - A dedication to this beautiful rising star from Brazil. Jesa Chiminazzo was born in the city of Muum, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, on April 12, 1985. Brazil is a multiethnic country, and Jeisa is no exception. She has both Italian and German origins running in...

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