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Date: 05-08-2001   Hits: 2746
Weill More than a century after the late Albert and Anna Weill founded their innovative fashion business in 1892, their pioneering legacy continues. The Weills got their start in Paris' garment district doing made-to-measure apparel, but later moved their company to the Montmartre section...

Date: 17-03-2003   Hits: 1527
Wells William Cooling founded our bespoke tailoring business in 1829 in the generic area of Savile Row, and we have been tailoring there ever since. Much change has taken place at Wells since those days and it is right that should happen, because the secret of our success is that we...

Date: 30-11-2004   Hits: 1831
WeSC When WESC started in early spring 1999, it was a new company; yet no inexperienced people were behind it. It was built by a tightly knit group of people with a solid background in clothing, skateboarding and snowboarding. There were never any questions about what we wanted to...

Date: 09-04-2002   Hits: 1461
Weston Wear Not surprisingly, following twenty years of dedication, Weston Wear's recognition has grown with the business. My designs appear regularly on TV and Film. Weston Wear can also be found in better Department and specialty stores throughout the United States, Canada and Japan."Comfortable...

Date: 03-02-2004   Hits: 3344
Whatever Jeans Whatever Jeans

Date: 16-01-2006   Hits: 1562
Wheels & Dollbaby Wheels and Dollbaby is an Australian line of ‘clothes to snare a millionaire,’ as designer Melanie Greensmith describes them. The garments attract rich men with their ultra feminine designs, body-hugging silhouettes, short hemlines and bountiful cleavage. Apparently the...

Date: 04-08-2003   Hits: 2386
Whipping Floyd Whipping Floyd - This time each print is inspired by a favourite tune of ours. You will find tees and sweaters inspired by 60's soul, 70's punk, german pioneers and much more. We've also released our first ever shirt collection which actually has no prints at all.

Date: 17-07-2003   Hits: 2908
Whistles London Whistles London

Date: 28-11-2004   Hits: 1493
White + Warren White + Warren - From the tried - and - true flawless black cashmere turtleneck to the perfect pink fitted T - shirt, White + Warren strives to meet the varied demands of women's lives season after season. Trend combined with function, fit combined with comfort and a selection of...

Date: 19-05-2005   Hits: 2226
Whiteboy Whiteboy launched two years ago with the intent of filling the gap between the Urban lines and the Surf and Skate lines of apparel. We are marketing an aggressive action line of apparel for men. We have determined there is a huge void in the marketplace between Urban and Skate....

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