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Date: 04-08-2002   Hits: 5750
Transmission Transmission is een jong, trendy leermerk die twee maal per jaar een collectie uitbrengt voor dames en heren. Dit merk is gepositioneerd in het hogere jeans segment en is ook te vinden in hoogstaande leer-speciaalzaken. Door een stoere vooruitstrevende styling in combinatie met...

Date: 11-01-2006   Hits: 3509
Trash Couture Trash Couture are Paris based designers Ann Wiberg and Roberto Henrichsen. Both are well established designers in their own right, Roberto was creative director for both Anna Molinari and Missoni and Ann has a number of boutiques in Copenhagen and London. However when they met up...

Date: 27-12-2007   Hits: 1311
Tres Royale Tres Royale | We are a clothing line rocking the crazy urban, hip hop, latino, pretty much everything scene!! Our designers pride themselves on fusing together cultures. Tres Royale offers a new kind of dress. Cultural awareness is expressed in every piece of clothing. Individuals...

Date: 10-05-2004   Hits: 1627
Trespass Trespass Clothing | Trespass provide versatility, comfort and style with their innovative, feature packed clothing. Clothing that performs for you, whatever outdoor pursuit you choose, beginner or a seasoned veteran. Our mission is access for all.

Date: 24-10-2004   Hits: 4018
Tricot Chic Tricot Chic collections are the essence of a way of life that satisfies every single fancy of yours - made of materials and technology performed with impalpable passion.

Date: 24-06-2002   Hits: 2184
Trina Turk Trina Turk is smart, stylish, attractive and approachable. From her loft in the Downtown Arts District in L.A., she designs surrounded by a comfortable collection of sketches, fabric swatches, and racks of vintage clothes. "I enjoyed the optimism of the "60s and "70s, when it...

Date: 11-08-2003   Hits: 1581
Triple 5 Soul Triple 5 Soul | Born in 1989, Triple Five Soul originated as a humble storefront in New York City’s Lower East Side. Originally entitled with a tongue-in-cheek reference to one of the then-popular telephone party lines, T5S quickly became a focal point for a multi-faceted cultural...

Date: 23-07-2001   Hits: 6308
Tripper Jeans Tripper Jeans | TRP Jeans is the branche of jeanswear manufacturer Cottonhouse, who has been active since 1975. TRP Jeans is made for modern men and women who want jeanswear for everyday use and who attach importance to a good fit. Since not everybody has a top model’s body and...

Date: 08-04-2002   Hits: 4127
Tristan & America Tristan & America | Ready-to-wear, classic, refined and relaxed styling for him and her. Romantic, sensual, sophisticated, the "Tristan" woman stands out with distinction. She enjoys the pleasure of wrapping herself in quality clothes. Independent and at peace with himself, the...

Date: 06-03-2006   Hits: 3754
Trix & Rees De kleding van dit merk kan moeiteloos gecombineerd worden met de andere merken. Trix & Rees is al vele jaren een begrip voor wie van alternatieve kleding houdt. De hele kledinglijn is uniek en gebaseerd op het principe dat kleding zowel modieus, comfortabel als eigenzinnig kan...

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