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Date: 22-01-2003   Hits: 1152
Sun Valley Sun Valley

Date: 05-11-2006   Hits: 2026
Superfine Superfine | As one of London's edgier stylists, Lucy Pinter has gained respect and success as a regular contributor to magazines such as iD, black Book, and Vogue. In addition to her fashion profile, Lucy has worked with major record labels styling artists for pop promos and album...

Date: 06-03-2006   Hits: 2536
Superstar De SPS superstar collectie is actueel, eigenzinnig, inspirerend en heeft een sterk eigen beeld waarin modische basics en de laatste trends elkaar snel opvolgen. De collectie bestaat geheel uit het eigen merk WATCHER (private label) en is bestemd voor de zelfbewuste vrouw die sterk...

Date: 21-11-2009   Hits: 2200
SuperTrash SuperTrash is a true L.A. it- girl label for independent women with great sense for fashion and style. The brand stands for living a successful life, being sophisticated and exposing yourself as you are. SuperTrash is a combination of outspoken personality and effortless style,...

Date: 13-08-2004   Hits: 1096
Susana Monaco The Susana Monaco Clothing line is a, relatively, conservative line, though it focuses on strapless and sleeveless attire. The 2004 collection of tops and dresses includes tanks, halter tops and other designs that either expose the arms and shoulders or drape around them.

Date: 29-08-2004   Hits: 1145
Suss Cousins Suss Cousins (pronounced Soos) grew up in Sweden where her grandmother taught her to knit. Since coming to the United States, her creative spirit and hand-knit creations have become favorites of celebrities from Bill Cosby to Heavy D to Julia Roberts. Movies and TV shows like Men...

Date: 19-08-2002   Hits: 1306
Suzana Peric Ein wenig wild, ein bisschen sexy, innovativ und immer im Trend -SP Suzana PericSTUDIO STEM. Eine Mode, die unsere Phantasie beflügelt und uns den Alltag schöner erscheinen lässt. Die Modelle geben Antwort auf die Individualität jeder Frau, betonen ihre Weiblichkeit und lassen...

Date: 30-11-2004   Hits: 1079
Svea Today Svea produces casual wear in a 21st century style with a Swedish accent and a twinkle in its eye, drawing inspiration from American and British college life as well as from the traditions of clothing manufacture in Western Sweden; a subtle twist, melding the functionality...

Date: 25-08-2006   Hits: 1807
Swart Swart is for kids. Swart has a style of its own. Available in just one colour: black. A colour that lives on when the latest trend has already faded. Sandra Swart is the designer behind this brand. And though her name may resemble the Dutch word for black, it's her passion for...

Date: 13-10-2003   Hits: 1202
Sweater House Sweater House

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