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Date: 09-08-2005   Hits: 2403
Serfontaine Serfontaine Jeans | Serfontain's rope stitch technique not only enhances the timeless silhouette of a great pair of jeans but also gives Serfontaine a distinctiveness that is considered to be the Holy Grail to all designers. Designed by LA-based team Mik and Maria Serfontaine,...

Date: 23-07-2002   Hits: 2677
Sergio Tacchini Sergio Tacchini | The year was 1966. After a brilliant tennis career Sergio Tacchini decides to conquer the sportwear market with an original and innovative idea. Create the first colored tenniswear collection, breaking with the completely white tradition. Sergio Tacchini clothes...

Date: 13-08-2004   Hits: 1740
Sergio Valente Sergio Valente was founded in 1975 and it quickly became one of the hottest designer jean brands. Sergio Valente is known for its great fit and was one of the first denim companies to offer its entire collection in state of the art stretch denim fabrics. In collaboration with...

Date: 13-04-2005   Hits: 1463
Serpico 21 The Serpico 21 brand has arisen from the desire to identify and signify a particular breed-those who've found themselves wide awake at 4 in the morning with a relentless clenching of the jaw; those who've heard sirens ringing throughout their skulls, though no sirens have sounded;...

Date: 06-12-2005   Hits: 1549
Serum Vs. Venom Serum vs. Venom is a modern luxury brand focusing on reestablishing quality based value in a landscape of hollow brands. Rooted in Street Culture, SVSV is based around FutureCraft, a design philosophy that blends pure utilitarian function, high technology & finest natural materials…...

Date: 20-08-2002   Hits: 2346
Sessùn Sessùn | Sessun

Date: 04-08-2003   Hits: 3102
Seven for all Mankind | 7 for all Mankind This California brand turned out to be the most desirable jeans to have in your shop. Because of their beautiful washes and the sexiest fit they are already called the best jeans in the world. "They make your butt look unbelievable sexy". Seven for All Mankind was started in the...

Date: 15-09-2003   Hits: 12068
Shady Ltd. Shady Ltd. | Eminem's official clothing range Shady Ltd is about the best in trend & design and quality. Its created by a talented team of fashion designers to make sure every Shady Ltd fashion piece is worth buying. There is a lot of special and unique fashions on this site. Shady...

Date: 07-11-2006   Hits: 3518
Shaï Wear Shaï Wear | French sportswear company, has seen a lot of buzz around their interactive catalog for Summer 2006 (which made the rounds on some advertising and marketing sites). It comes in multiple formats and features couples enjoying each other's company (and their clothes)....

Date: 12-05-2005   Hits: 1662
Shakti Shakti by Jacquelyne Love | With the launch of Shakti, a line inspired by the powerful, feminine and mystical colors, patterns and textures found within nature, Jacquelyne has not only created a beautiful collection of clothing to wear, she’s providing resources to benefit people...

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