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Date: 28-09-2004   Hits: 2993
Schumacher Schumacher is created by a multi-faceted woman, just like you. She believes in bringing out the very best in you and helping to capture an reflect your own individual style. Express all that you are- one look today and something completely different tomorrow. Dorothee Singhoff is...

Date: 11-05-2003   Hits: 5769
Scotch & Soda Designs have become known for their unique variety of colors and fabrics, intricate details, and trendy, vintage vibe. Scotch & Soda offers a women's collection called Maison Scotch, a boy's collection called Scotch Shrunk, a girl's collection called Scotch R'Belle and Amsterdam...

Date: 08-02-2007   Hits: 3864
Scotch & Soda Scotch & Soda a trendy Dutch fashionbrand is mend for young minded guys who do their own thing.

Date: 25-04-2006   Hits: 2393
Scott Langton Scott Langton | Our Philosophy for the collection is to speak to the demands of an untapped segment in the men’s market - the street sophisticate. By mixing sportswear with tailoring we have created a contemporary line inspired by blending British flair with American sensibility....

Date: 06-11-2002   Hits: 3582
SealKay Tailoring on an artisan scale sums up the SealKay philosophy. Collections come out of the fusion of the finest quality fabrics, perfect fits and meticulous attention to detail which are usually reserved for tailormade garments. Washes and treatments on the collection are authentic...

Date: 11-02-2002   Hits: 2240
Sean John Sean John | In 1991, 22 year old Harlem native and Howard University student Sean "Puffy" Combs started an internship at Uptown Records that would prove to be the beginning of the most successful and rapid ascent in the history of the entertainment industry. Within months his...

Date: 13-11-2007   Hits: 1908
Seaside Lagoon Seaside Lagoon is een sportief damesmerk met alle kenmerkende details van een lifestyle collectie. Onmisbaar voor de collectie is het nautic gedeelte. In de kleuren rood, navy en wit wordt een uitgebreid pakket unies en strepen aangeboden in de maten 38 t/m 56.

Date: 16-04-2006   Hits: 1467
Secrets of Charm Secrets of Charm is a collection created by two sisters, Estee and Sharon Elkayam. Their fashion acumen is impressive with stopovers at Ralph Lauren, Barbara Bui and Calvin Klein. Therefore it is easy to see why there is such careful attention - - the two are involved in every...

Date: 01-12-2001   Hits: 1711
Seidensticker Today Seidensticker is the second largest producer of nightwear in Europe and a market leader for classic pyjamas made of woven materials. "Seidensticker Bluse" is the most well-known German brand for blouses (according to the communication analysis conducted by the magazine...

Date: 05-08-2001   Hits: 2080
Selected The Selected collection aims at the fashion-conscious man between 20 and 35 years. Selected is a clean-cut design for stylish individualists who are not afraid to lead the way when new trends emerge on the fashion scene. A typical wardrobe of the Selected man consists of a mix...

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