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Date: 22-01-2002   Hits: 5352
Sandra Pabst Sandra Pabst is proud to present her inimitably modern, feminine collections under her own name. They are aimed at the woman who takes a keen interest in fashion, who is determined not to deny, but to enhance the feminine aspect of her personality. A modern interpretation of...

Date: 25-09-2007   Hits: 14310
Sandro Sandro | Young fashion label from France. The kind of staples that make French women look so effortlessly chic—khaki shirt dresses; taupe draw-string linen skirts and white-blouses with cut-outs paired with attention-grabbing platforms. Very subtle uniform dressing.

Date: 21-04-2003   Hits: 13659
Sandwich Sandwich is a modern, global fashion brand, designed for the more mature woman. She is able to dress casually all week long, loves natural fibers, has a specific taste and admires detail. Although middle-aged, she has a modern and fresh way of thinking. Sandwich meets all her...

Date: 11-05-2007   Hits: 2159
Sans Sans | There is no bag present but the notion of it exists emphasizing the luxury of an empty space and being without. Co-designed by Lika Volkova and Alessandro DeVito. The collection from new label Sans has caught our eye for two reasons: 1. Strength of design - unusual cuts,...

Date: 24-08-2003   Hits: 2359
Sara Berman Sara Berman is one of the UK's most successful young and upcoming fashion designers, with her own-name label now in its ninth season. The London-based designer's eponymous collection of womenswear has gained a steadfast following amongst trend influencers in both the UK and overseas....

Date: 05-08-2001   Hits: 2164
Sarah B. Created in 1981 by Charles Boganim, the chairman of the company, Sarah B. has based its notoriety on an excellent price quality level. Sold essentially in export markets in the beginning, the Sarah B. image has developped and strenghtened in France since 1987, with the successive...

Date: 08-07-2006   Hits: 1668
Sarah Heartbo Sarah Heartbo | Danish storyteller-designer escaped from Copenhagen / Denmark to materialize her dreams in the city of all outcasts: Berlin. Established own label / brand sarah heart(loves)bo in the end of 2004... to realize that people are asking for more when it comes to "the...

Date: 01-08-2001   Hits: 6401
Sarah Pacini Sarah Pacini | 1989 saw the launch of the first Sarah Pacini collection. Guided by creativity, inspiration and commercial success, Sarah Pacini decides to open its first store. The innovative and distinctive style ensured the collection would soon be carried throughout Belgium...

Date: 08-12-2004   Hits: 2352
Sarto di Moda Sarto di Moda | Tailors of Fashion.Men and Women Custom Tailors. Sarto di Moda, Bespoke thai custom tailors offering custom made clothing in Bangkok, Thailand. Italian, British suit and shirt specialists and designers

Date: 03-05-2002   Hits: 1814
Sartoriale The Sartoriale line is on a higher quality plane than the Pal Zileri line, incorporating the characteristics of clothing produced in the old sartorial tradition, such as the tailoring of the shoulders and the sleeve fitting, the join of the collar and the felling of the fabric on...

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