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Date: 14-11-2003   Hits: 2893
Park Vogel Park Vogel, a line of wispy-light fancy tees created by former graphic designer Julie Park and costume designer Vanessa Vogel. Made from 100 percent cotton crepe, each tee has a unique stretch that accentuates curves while retaining a shape that covers your waist. (Bare midriffs...

Date: 12-05-2002   Hits: 2018
Parke & Ronen Parke & Ronenis the product of two remarkable designers with an inspired vision for a unique fashion company. Preferring chic sensuality to glitz and gimmicks, Parke Lutter and Ronen Jehezkel created Parke & Ronen. While always in touch with the latest trends, the Parke & Ronen...

Date: 23-07-2001   Hits: 2285
Part Two Mix and match. Mix and match, for Heaven’s sake. Mix the hard with the soft, the raw with the sweet. The masculine with the feminine. Opposites attract – like magnets. And that is not just true in love, it is also true in fashion. For instance, take the raw militant tailored...

Date: 18-08-2001   Hits: 2489
Pash German fashion label called Pash. I'll be the first to admit that I've fallen hard for their sexy styles. More importantly, is their refreshing approach to reflecting through fashion what happens in the heart and mind of urban youth culture. Join me on my journey charting the rise...

Date: 23-07-2001   Hits: 4070
Passport Passport presents New Woman's Knitwear in all areas of life for the modern, active and confidant woman. Fashion that is fun and full of energy: Passport underlines the personality and lifestyle of the new woman at work, during leisure time and with her family. The Passport woman...

Date: 17-01-2002   Hits: 4205
Patrizia Pepe Patrizia Pepe | The fashion company Patrizia Pepe of Florence, Italy. Initially set up their architecturally impressive new headquarters in Florence, then followed by opening their first shops in Florence, Milan, and Rome.

Date: 27-02-2011   Hits: 12828
Paul & Joe Sophie Albou found French Fashion rather dull for her taste, something had to change. In 1995 she started Paul & Joe (named after her sons Paul and Joe) for men and in 1996 she started a line for women. After this its popularity began to rise and Paul & Joe became a great international...

Date: 21-03-2012   Hits: 9916
Paul & Joe Sister A fresh diffusion line from the darling of the left bank, Paul & Joe; Paul & Joe Sister has been a runaway success for the brand. Continuing the design characteristic of the mainline, it looks to cute printed tops, embellished dresses, and silk smocks. A wardrobe spanning collection...

Date: 27-07-2001   Hits: 2406
Paul & Shark The origins of the Paul & Shark company go back to the beginning of the century when the company was producing and trading under its own name (not Paul & Shark). In 1977 a new division was created for the development of a menswear line with the trade mark of Paul & Shark. Since...

Date: 06-11-2002   Hits: 2206
Paul Frank paul frank Industries | In 1997 a designer named Paul Frank sat down at his sewing machine and created a red vinyl wallet appliquéd with a wide-mouthed monkey named Julius. Since then, the monkey’s deadpan mug has appeared on everything from pajamas to purses. What began as a...

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