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Odd Molly

Odd Molly | Per Holknekt and Karin Jimfelt-Ghatan have a cup of coffee, discussing a clothing design mission asked for by one of the worlds largest advertising agencies. At this time they realize they understand one another so well that they decide to use this in forming a clothing brand. On this day, it is immediately named Odd Molly. Odd Molly was one of the hangaround girls back when Per was a skateboard professional in the US. While all girls tried their hardest to impress the boys, Molly just sat around with her little smile, relaxed and securely taking it easy, not styled to impress, doing none of the tricks in the book. All the boys wanted just one of the girls. Molly. So Per & Karin wanted to capture the feeling of this loveable little mess and let her show the way to new invisible values in clothing. Odd in this brand meaning daring to remain oneself. This being when being able to show your charm and perefect little defects that make you…you. Only 17 months later Odd Molly is a homerun, a quickly written success story. Every shop with dignity and edge in Sweden today carries Odd Molly. The target group was a compilation of younger women wanting to be slightly older and slightly older women wanting to be a bit younger. All in all the customer turned out to be the she that had started her own life, had her own home. And wanted a quality aspect of life before a quantity dito. Then again many consumers are them who wanna make believe they´re quality women. Odd Molly has gotten media coverage in most every domestic paper and magazine from the biggest evening papers to the equivalents of Elle, Vogue and the weekly gossips and also straight up trade magazines. Other designers have come out saying Odd Molly is their favourite brand, show hosts on TV wear Molly live, we have a flowlist of top actresses and musicians and all this adds up to Molly not just shipping boxes of worthy and attractive tasteful clothing, we also deliver quite a good bunch of good customers.
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