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Date: 29-08-2004   Hits: 2421
Lily McNeal Lily McNeal | USA Designer of women's knitwear and accessories. The Lily McNeal collection is all about pure style, vivid color, clean lines and the artistry of knitting, with a thread of fun sewn in for good measure. Anna Barthelme is the genius behind this colorfully bold line...

Date: 13-08-2004   Hits: 2039
Linda de Morrer Linda de Morrer

Date: 14-02-2002   Hits: 2002
Lindon Lindon is a Danish-owned company engaged in the design, manufacture and marketing of fashionable high-quality ladies’ clothing in a casual and comfortable style for a comprehensive and diverse target group. As a company, Lindon is known as an attractive workplace with a horizontal...

Date: 26-03-2002   Hits: 8506
Lisa Campione Lisa Campione of conditions for sportive, feminine and casual Womenswear. The collection comprises sportive combination topics, jackets, west, inimitable Sweatshirts, sweater, blouses, Polos, t-Shirts and Tops. The own identity OF the Lisa Campione collection brilliert through...

Date: 20-03-2005   Hits: 1752
Little Red Riding Hood Little Red Riding Hood | A fascination with fairy tales and with the question who is the beauty? who is the beast? turned into the guiding idea and the slogan of the label. Little Red Riding Hood is breaking exciting new ground by integrating fantastic themes and lovingly handcrafted...

Date: 20-03-2002   Hits: 17013
Liu.Jo Liu.Jo| Liu Jo| LiuJo | Liu Jeans | Liu.Jo Girl | Ajay | The girls of defined personality find in this LiuJo is the name of a young, super trendy, but still feminine Italian fashion-brand, which is invading Europe. The brand is recognized by high quality modern design in fashionable...

Date: 16-03-2004   Hits: 2085
Live Mechanics Live Mechanics | Spawned from the fusion of street and music, and energized y the creative spirit, a new breed of style is born. Shaking up reality through art, music and an appreciation of life's challenges, Live Mechanics has been a force in the world of street couture since...

Date: 19-01-2003   Hits: 2837
Liviana Conti Liviana Conti divides her time between Milan and Rimini where she works, though shy and not inclined to make an appearance, she is the italian lady of "inventive knitting". She can't stop experimenting, the knitwear she produces is the thread that helps us to understand the...

Date: 03-08-2003   Hits: 1915
Liz Barr Liz Barr is an Irish Knitwear Company trading since 1994 from Dublin, Ireland - specialising in ladieswear. This is one of our new designs from the Liz Barr Autumn/Winter 2003 collection and will be available from our stockists shortly.

Date: 23-07-2001   Hits: 2043
Liz Claiborne Liz Claiborne Inc. was founded in 1976 by Liz Claiborne, Art Ortenberg, Leonard Boxer and Jerome Chazen. Liz Claiborne designs and markets an extensive range of women's fashion apparel and accessories, appropriate for occasions ranging from casual to formal. The casual and formal...

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