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Date: 05-09-2007   Hits: 2258
Kaffe Kaffe Clothing | We compete with much bigger companies in the market of affordable fashion with a lot of success. We’re expanding across Europe with high speed at the moment but still we remain the smaller fashion company.To be able to compete we have to be faster. Faster on the...

Date: 26-01-2008   Hits: 2098
Kaigo Kaigo shows a new face of Italian fashion, presenting a decidedly more fashionable look. It is the new project KAIGO ... for wider commercial location, covering over the line sport markedly, even those producing clothing Fashion clothes and complete. We invite you to visit our...

Date: 23-10-2005   Hits: 2401
Kalamita Fashion design studio Kalamita with front young designer Kamila Tomancakova is presenting own clothing label Kalamita design. Original young design for people with own style and identity.

Date: 22-10-2004   Hits: 5855
Kali Orea Kalì Orea line is the young and dynamic line based on happyness and joy of life, for the woman that, in all occasions desires to be identified for hers femininity and interior joy. It is inspired by the fascinating ancient oriental cultures but, at the same time, by interior...

Date: 02-04-2002   Hits: 3479
Kamkyl Kamkyl | Designed and owned by Yvonne & Douglas Mandel. Yvonne and Douglas met while both were working in Toronto's fashion district. In 1992 they moved to Germany where they lived and worked for 5 years. After returning to Montreal, Quebec in 1999 they formed the kamkyl men's...

Date: 05-11-2004   Hits: 2072
Kansas Kansas equals quality. Kansas workwear is put to the test every day in workplaces across the country - and it has been the leading brand in workwear in Denmark for decades. The key to the Kansas success is continuous product development through dialogue. Kansas is developed in...

Date: 01-12-2001   Hits: 8079
Kapalua Kapalua | This trend collection is synonymous with knitwear with a sophisticated slant, be it pullovers, blazers, coats or knee-length city coats. It teams up perfectly with a small yet style-conscious "Jeans & Casuals" line. Kapalua presents four collections plus two in-between...

Date: 16-03-2006   Hits: 2808
KappAhl KappAhl sells clothes for women, men and children in more than 250 stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Poland. The company´s mission statement is to offer value-for-money fashion with a wide appeal, and our prime target group is women aged 30 years and above with men and children....

Date: 21-06-2005   Hits: 3374
Kara-line Kara-line | Simple, romantic and timeless. Kara-line dresses drape your body leaving something to the imagination. Kara Larson began sewing in her sister’s garage, selling her dresses from a clothing line in her back yard or out of a suitcase while on the road. Nothing is traditional...

Date: 10-02-2005   Hits: 4105
Karam Prasad Karam Prasad | Chachi Prasad and Karam Kim are behind one of New York Cities hottest new fashion labels. Karam Prasad. Their signature pieces are delicate tops and dresses made from beautifully coloured silks and satins creating sexy modern looks.

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