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Hergenhahn Knitwear | Susanne Hergenhahn is one of those creative designers who followed a non-usual parcours. she didn’t choose for the traditional fashion cities like Milan, Paris or London. Born in 1966 munich and moved with her parents to Frankfurt where she grown up and passed her childhood. After graduating in 1987 of university in Frankfurt and successfully finished her theatre training she decided to follow courses of pattern making and confection, which she ended in 1990. Immediately after learning the theoretic side of making of clothes she moved to madrid where she was accepted for an internship at the side of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. Ended these experience she got the opportunity or difficulty to follow courses at the “escola d’arts I tecniques de la moda” in Barcelona. In meanwhile Susanne Hergenhahnwas active at participating at different art projects like making the wardrobe for a masterpiece of paul lynch in frankfurt and some other movies produced in Catalonia. In 1992 she led the production of the brand “drogo y horvath” in barcelona for 2 years. 1994 was the start of her own collection “Hergenhahn Knitwear” and in 1998 she accepted to design on a free lance base the second line “jocomomola” of sybilla for the japanese market. In the same period she designed also the knitwear for Antonio Miro. Her philosophy is one of no mass production but appreciating still the manual artinasal labour of every garment. The intention of susanne hergenhahn in each collection is making clothes that are not depending on the latest trends but can be worn in every day life and are accessible for all ages. The following elements are always present: uses of natural materials in beige and black. susanne hergenhahn likes to play with contrasts of stripes, jacquard and textures. In every winter collection she uses a lot of hand made details and makes manual always a complete accessory collection. she likes to transform confection patterns into knitwear garments. Nearly all her presentations of new collections she does in collaboration with artists under the form of video, photography, installations and performances.
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