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Date: 25-05-2003   Hits: 2238
Hannah.m Hannah.m is a Los Angeles based company. We offer a wide variety of boutique-quality clothes on seasonal basis. The style is elegant, and yet, full of confident chic and bohemian ease. Our garments are created with an exquisite attention to detail. Each season we bring together a...

Date: 16-04-2002   Hits: 4460
Hannoh Hannoh | Hanno Wessel was born in Germany from North in 1965. After the School of the Trade-union Room of the Parisian Seam, it works initially in a house of Haute couture, then collaborates during one year with a creator, before launching its own mark "Hannoh" in 1993. Its...

Date: 14-01-2002   Hits: 4843
Hans Ubbink Hans Ubbink | Of het nu om een modeshow gaat, het werven van nieuwe klanten of een promotioneel initiatief, bij Hans Ubbink wordt daar opvallend veel tijd en aandacht aan besteed. Dergelijke presentaties moeten goed zijn en vooral origineel. Neem de tot in de puntjes geregelde...

Date: 26-11-2006   Hits: 1939
Harari Harari Designs and Fashions | With a mixture of unusual and exotic prints, Harari has positioned itself as a leader in timeless fashion for distinctive lifestyles. The artistic designs are highlighted by the designers’ love of vibrant colors and luxurious fabrics. Harari started...

Date: 11-08-2002   Hits: 1914
Harmanli Harmanli Deri creates production of the certain line which represents a unique collection of jackets, a coat and the jackets made of a leather of cows, sheeps. For furnish of our products we use the most refined furs from all world to create the elegant and specified image. In...

Date: 24-01-2005   Hits: 1600
Harmony by Herzog Harmony by Herzog is an illustrious and exclusive line devoted to the rich and famous. His line, started on the small island of Svabapolichte, Harmony by Herzog is a label that is strictly about style and trends. Selling out to many anonymous celebrities, this line is one of the...

Date: 17-03-2003   Hits: 1899
Harvie & Hudson Harvie & Hudson | Thomas George Harvie and George Frederick Hudson set up in business as shirt makers of the finest quality shirts three generations ago. Their expertise and the excellence of their workmanship is maintained to this day by their direct descendants. We are proud of...

Date: 11-01-2007   Hits: 2220
Hatemoglu Hatemoglu | Year: 1924. Place: Kayseri, Turkey. Just a year after the new Turkish Republic was established, Hatemoglu was founded by Hatem Baba's son Haci Mustafa Sayki (Hatemoglu means Hatem's son). In the first years, Hatemoglu was mostly concentrated on women clothing. As the...

Date: 06-08-2001   Hits: 4741
Hatico Hatico Men's Shirts. Origin, Germany. Description, Hatico Men's Shirts.

Date: 01-12-2001   Hits: 2791
Hauber Hauber an german brand for women. Hauber Fashion means versatile mix-and-match fashions for today's sophisticated woman. Top quality jackets, pullovers, blouses, skirts and tousers in up-to-the-minute colours, all perfectly co-ordinated.

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