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Date: 20-01-2003   Hits: 4814
Camaïeu Allowing the greatest number of women to express their femininity, making them more beautiful, this is the desire of Camaïeu. Camaïeu has become one of the french woman's favourite brands by providing modern, attractive and affordable collections You will find you receive a...

Date: 06-08-2001   Hits: 3417
Camalgori Camalgori, a representative brand of Italian fashion, is a line produced and distributed by the company Ensemble, whose managing director is Mr. Cesare Collina. The experience of this untiring and exciting personage has developed in two directions: the specialized production of...

Date: 26-03-2002   Hits: 7534
Cambio German site of Cambio - The key to Cambios appeal is its unique combination of excellent fit, quality fabric, and equal attention to easy comfort and sophisticated style. Cambio trousers and jeans are a celebration of the female form, expressed through natural movement and an...

Date: 17-03-2002   Hits: 2790
Cambio America the Cambio difference : fit - The most important selling points with our retailers and customers are Cambio's fit and comfort. The two-way stretch in Cambio jeans celebrate a woman's body and our sophisticated trouser collection is comfortable enough to live in. Today, every woman...

Date: 04-07-2002   Hits: 2309
Camel Active Camel active focuses on the urban lifestyle of the millenium. Clean. Functional.Trendy. Camel active offer three interpretations to urban lifestyle, three subthemes each imbued with a different feeling and styling, together creating a total look. For the man in the city(city) -...

Date: 03-02-2006   Hits: 1459
Camilla Norrback The company Camilla Norrback has existed for almost four years now, but I have always designed clothes. In part because I miss so many things I would like to wear in shops, but mostly because it is my calling and way of life. I am inspired by music, movies, people and fabrics. Key...

Date: 03-02-2006   Hits: 1637
Camilla Wellton Camilla Wellton is an extremely talented young designer whose clothes are exciting, expressional and non expensive for original tailor made design.

Date: 04-07-2002   Hits: 2455
Campione Lisa Campione steht für sportive, feminine und legere Womenswear. Die eigene Identität der Lisa Campione Kollektion brilliert durch Modernität, Leichtigkeit und phantastischen Tragekomfort. Claudio Campione ist klassische, sportive Menswear. Top Qualität, sorgfältige Verarbeitung...

Date: 26-03-2002   Hits: 2397
Canali Canali stands for tailoring, taste and Italian tradition - all of which add up to quality. It is the essential and primary ingredient which has always guided the strategic choices of the company. Every single garment is exclusively designed and produced in Italy, along strict...

Date: 20-07-2007   Hits: 1666
Candela Bueno Candela Bueno | Female Fashion: We are a Spanish textile company that has been designing and producing high quality exclusively designed women’s garments since 1996. Our headquarters are set up in Alicante, a city located in the Mediterranean shore which the Romans used to call...

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