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Date: 08-08-2003   Hits: 4948
C&C California C&C California | In spring 2003, Cheyann Benedict and Claire Stansfield launched C and C California T-Shirts and dedicated their first collection to the most essential item in every wardrobe, The Perfect Tee Shirt. To achieve their aim of making The Perfect Tee, the girls designed...

Date: 24-08-2003   Hits: 3458
C'arla du Nord In Cárla du Nord we believe in running a company whit the heart. Addressing the woman filled with expression, we aim at creating clothes with passion. Fascinated by colours and combinations numbering thousands, we try to take a piece of Heaven! Dedicated to our work, Cárla-clothes...

Date: 06-11-2002   Hits: 1961
C-Ro C-Ro is a Danish company, which has designed trousers for women since 1987. We are among the absolute top of leading Danish manufacturers of trousers, and we combine perfect fit and new trends in products of the highest quality. Internationally we experience a steadily increasing...

Date: 17-07-2003   Hits: 4724
C.P. Company C.P. Company is brand-laboratory that undertakes research with passion and endless curiosity in every corner of the world in order to enrich its know-how. This is flanked by constant research into production processes. Traditional fabrics and models are re-interpreted using...

Date: 05-08-2003   Hits: 5103
CAAN Annika Hueg Kærsaa and her younger sister, Candida Hueg, both graduated from the Danish fashion academy, Margrethe Skolen, based in Copenhagen. In 1997 they established their fur company CAAN. The name is made up of the first two letters of each of their first names, and although...

Date: 19-02-2002   Hits: 4071
Caché Caché - When you see a woman in Caché, you’d better approach with caution. With style that stuns and attitude that stops traffic, these fashions don’t just make a statement. They make an entrance. No matter what the occasion, Cache has just the right look for the modern, sexy,...

Date: 11-08-2003   Hits: 10157
Caffeine Clothing Caffeine Clothing was created in 1991 to further expand on the emerging underground dance culture and has been at the forefront of a cultural movement that has been driving youth trends in music, fashion, and lifestyle.

Date: 08-10-2002   Hits: 3503
Cakewalk Cakewalk - The key to the success of the Cakewalk Kids, Mini and Baby collections lies in their cheerful nature, progressive styling, a slightly romantic attitude and a colourful image. The subtle humour of the prints and the small details certainly contribute to this success....

Date: 15-08-2006   Hits: 3655
California Born CB Denim, CB Jeans, and Second Skin Denim | California Born is a lifestyle collection resulting from two women's daily struggle to achieve the denim trinity -- fit, fabric, and finish -- for the natural body. Leslie Ungar and Tessia Thomas, the Woman Behind Apple Bottoms By Nelly...

Date: 12-08-2006   Hits: 2071
Calore Calore | Fashion Label from Turkey.

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