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Belinda Robertson

Belinda Robertson - Internationally renowned cashmere Designer. She designs cashmere sweaters for the modern woman. Quite simply the best fit and most innovative designs available. Cashmere originates in the high regions of Mongolia, Tibet and China where tribesmen travel with herds of hundreds of goats and the high altitude and cold, harsh conditions enable these animals to grow a thick coat of soft hair.
This hair is combed out once a year and sorted into different qualities and colours for sale to yarn spinners.
The highest quality hair is the longest and finest which produces a yarn that is soft but does not pill easily when knitted. It takes the hair from three goats to yield enough raw fibre to knit one Belinda Robertson cashmere sweater hence its high value.
100% cashmere comes in many grades - Belinda Robertson uses only the highest quality cashmere yarn.
The finest cashmere garments come from Scottish manufacturers which have a worldwide renowned reputation for expertise and quality products.
Yarns are supplied from Scottish spinners using skills handed down from generations, teamed with the benefits of using soft Scottish water in the washing and dying processes.
Knitwear has been produced in the Scottish Borders since the early 1900s transforming the spun and dyed yarn into beautiful garments.
Originally set up to knit underwear, these factories began to make clothing for the Paris fashion houses in the 1920s after the tactile quality of cashmere was discovered by the Couturiers such as Chanel and Patou.
By the 1950s Scottish cashmere knitwear was considered a classic with the invention of the sweater girl and the popularity of twinsets made famous by the film stars of the time.
Today cashmere with the Made in Scotland label retains its desirability. It is demanded by designers and stores who appreciate true quality and skilled production and is highly prized by discerning customers throughout the world.

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