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Date: 09-08-2006   Hits: 2843
Bellekat Denim & Fashion Experts Kathleen Woodside and Izabel Duval launched Bellekat, a contemporary women clothing line, to fill a void in their own closets. “We both have some of the most insane jeans,” says Woodside, “but we couldn’t find any fresh tops to wear with them.” The line...

Date: 23-07-2001   Hits: 4917
Bellerose Bellerose is a brand created in 1989. A menswear collection followed by a womans and kids line. A collection inspired by original vintage garments and genuine workwear with military and oldschool influences. Focusing on detail washing and dying processes being fresh and innovating...

Date: 16-01-2006   Hits: 3485
Bellocoton Bellocoton | Avant garde casual separates to inspire women with style and individuality. Flattering, cool and feminine shapes dominate with clever detailing throughout. All complemented by a strong dress range.

Date: 28-03-2005   Hits: 2061
Belvest Belvest - A philosophy of fashion and style, in a company with a long and prestigious past, continuosly seeking what is new and beautiful. A company with a strong identity, therefore modern in time and around the world. Belvest carefully selects the highest quality, most exclusive...

Date: 07-12-2001   Hits: 2846
Ben Sherman Ben Sherman was a Mod God. The man who started making shirts in the late 1950's from a small factory in Brighton went on to dress the swinging sixties and become the King of Carnaby Street. Hungry for women, sex, business, money, fame and life, he was a party animal until the day...

Date: 22-11-2005   Hits: 1740
Benedikte Mai Benedikte Mai | The Copenhagen design team of Benedikte Marcher and Mai Aabenhuus. BM are the innovative and playful gamblers of the fashion scene, maintaining a love for detail, oddity and quality. The distinctive feature of BM´s collections is the brave classic look, where fabric...

Date: 31-01-2006   Hits: 1758
Benedikte Utzon Benedikte Utzon | A Versatile, Creative Talent. As a member of the Utzon family of furriers, designers and architects Benedikte Utzon was born and brought up with creativity. She graduated from the Scandinavian Academy of International Fashion and Design in 1987. Since then she...

Date: 21-07-2001   Hits: 8507
Benneton Benetton | Casual wear for men, women and children increased and the company diversified from its original woolen garments to cotton and denim. Then, during the 80s Benetton sunglasses, watches, bags, shoes, glove, hats, jewelry and even car parts appeared. Production of Benetton...

Date: 07-08-2002   Hits: 3292
Bensimon Bensimon - Our clothes are closely linked to movement, life and feelings. People wear them for their simplicity and because they allow them to say true to themselves. Our collections can be worn in many different ways and adapted to different styles. Bensimon is feminine, chic,...

Date: 14-03-2003   Hits: 2308
Benson and Clegg Benson and Clegg were founded in 1937 as bespoke tailors, the high quality of their work was soon recognised with the granting of a royal warrant by King George VI in 1944. In 1976 Benson and Clegg added the sales of blazer buttons to its range. This soon expanded and embroidered...

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