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A.P.C. | .P.C. (Atelier Production Creation) was started in 1987 by Jean Touitou. Reacting to the trend of stamping one's own name on design labels, Touitou decided to give his brand a more impersonal, almost generic moniker. Without advertising or visible branding, A.P.C. slowly took form as a cult brand synonymous with understated cool. The first collection was menswear, but it was the ladies who began wearing A.P.C., falling for lean, body-skimming cuts that popularized the brand. And, well, after almost 20 years, you still have to "know" A.P.C. to "get" it. There was a whole trend of turning everyone into a celebrity. Everyone was starting their own fashion label. You made a white shirt and you said, "I am a designer." The idea was to have a name comprised only of initials. Its significance does not matter. For a while, I even used to randomly say [that A.P.C. stood for] "Atchoum Party Communist." It was just the idea of not having a personal name as a reaction to this cult of personality where people called themselves "designers" even though they have never designed anything. I just wanted to put things back in their due place.
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