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Date: 12-05-2005   Hits: 2078
AMFT Founder of elitist futurism, Personification from fashion artist Torsten Amft, From Helmut Newton Model to german fashion guru, Germanys greatest independent label with headquarter to Berlin, Men and Womanswear as well as stylish products, the last trendshows, models and licences

Date: 22-10-2004   Hits: 2201
Amichi Womens wear designer and distributor Amichi was created in 1982. Just three years later, it granted its very first franchise, pioneering this distribution system in Spain. From that point on, the opening of new stores, both at home and abroad, was a cornerstone of its business...

Date: 09-04-2012   Hits: 1653
Aminaka Wilmont Obsessive about shape and silhouette AMINAKA WILMONT's clothes exudes powerful and sensually provocative shapes that are explorative in both cut and design. The conceptually androgynous clash with the innovatively feminine in a sophisticated and timeless way. The Scandinavian duo...

Date: 27-11-2006   Hits: 1701
Ammo Ammo Designs | Ammo takes pride in designing contemporary quality clothing and accessories for the true individual. The pieces are multifunctional and interactive, colourful and dynamic. Every design is open to interpretations and transformation. Since it's inception ammo has...

Date: 12-05-2005   Hits: 3698
Amo & Bretti Amo & Bretti | Amy Krofchick and Brett Perkins | Offer contemporary and sophisticated cashmere knitwear for the independent, sexy, feminine woman. Amo & Breti is a sexy, free-flowing and feminine knitwear collection. THINK: 'bohemian chic lunching in Manhattan, then dancing on the...

Date: 01-03-2003   Hits: 2426
Amok Amok | Only time will tell whether the skirt will remain the preference of a handful of more audacious, fashion-conscious men or whether men will at last be able to overcome their self-inflicted limitations as regards how they feel and what they wear. There is nothing in this age...

Date: 28-03-2005   Hits: 3159
Amour By Love Amour By Love is a sparklingly captivating and versatile line of skirts and tops summing up what consumers want today: statement, personal style, and originality. Like an Amour By Love puzzle, many pieces fit together, so that one could almost choose an outfit blindfolded and...

Date: 07-02-2005   Hits: 3480
Ana Alcazar For years now the name „ANA ALCAZAR“ is considered to be an open insider tip for trendsetters and well informed, fashion-conscious fashionistas who are always looking for the particular. Just to tell you from the start: ANA ALCAZAR is not the label for women who are afraid of...

Date: 29-09-2004   Hits: 2415
Ana Pitashny Ana Pitashny - Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Pitashny grew up in Mexico City, where she now owns a clothing boutique.

Date: 17-11-2002   Hits: 3365
Analik Analik | Dutch designers Analik is an upcoming fashion designer for women's clothing. She has her own store in the Nine little streets, participates in the International Amsterdam Fashion Week with her own show. She is currently expanding her creativity with a chain of luxury...

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