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Date: 08-04-2002   Hits: 4298
Adolfo Dominguez His style is urbane, functional, casual and eminently comfortable, making use of loose, natural fabrics. One of his key marketing strategies has been to avoid distribution through multi-brand shops and target the ultimate consumer directly, reducing delivery time and cost to the...

Date: 14-10-2005   Hits: 2832
Adriano Goldschmied The AG Adriano Goldschmied brand, founded in 2000, is dedicated to continued development of the brand with the utmost attention to detail and quality, and a commitment to the made in the USA label. AG is truly a fully vertical operation; from start to finish, everything is processed...

Date: 05-12-2004   Hits: 2899
Adrienne Landau Adrienne started out life as an artist, and that sensibility still infuses her work. She uses unusual combinations of materials in striking ways that seem to encompass the fashion of the moment but is always recognizable as an Adrienne Landau piece. Almost overnight, Adrienne's...

Date: 22-11-2005   Hits: 2246
Adrienne Schäffer Adrienne Schäffer: A Hungarian designer based in Italy whose elegant interpretations on classic knitwear draw inspiration from the most graceful eras of haute couture, from cosmopolitan Paris of the 1920s to the Dolce Vita Rome of the 1960s. Schäffer’s approach, rooted in history...

Date: 28-03-2005   Hits: 2941
Aei : Kei With innovative design to create sleek and contemporary silhouettes, full of great attention to detail,aei : kei offers, unique, versatile, everyday womenswear.

Date: 16-06-2003   Hits: 3564
Aelisheva Aelisheva by Alyse Radenovic - Fashion - View extensive catalogue of Beautiful clothing for Women.

Date: 28-11-2007   Hits: 1969
Aelisheva Aelisheva is an independent couture house founded in 1997; we bring you original, handmade, artisan ready-to-wear; our work is designed & produced in-house with love by stage & screen designer/costumer "sanja" zivka jovanovic and independent designer/artist alyse radenovic ; visit...

Date: 14-01-2003   Hits: 4995
Aem'Kei Aem'Kei [aem'kei] | Based 1996 in New York. The mark orients itself at Streetwear. Old School, Hip Hop, asiatic combat haven elements and giant (as brand names) are always recurring topics of the always independent and creative collections. Aem Kei had for three seasons a lady...

Date: 14-10-2005   Hits: 3820
Aerosol The Aerosol collection is known for its different, sometimes provoking style and unusual use of color. The Aerosol clients feels special and Aerosol allows him with its pinch of sometimes self-mocking and humoristic styles to respond to the labels paraded by the others. The winter...

Date: 04-02-2005   Hits: 4240
Afro Bahia Afro Bahia is de merknaam van de originele streetcapoeirabroeken. In Brazili staan de broeken van Afro Bahia bekend om hun lekkere pasvorm, mooie kleuren en goede afwerking. Helaas zijn er anderen die van dit succes een graantje mee willen pikken door de broeken na te maken. Let...

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