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Date: 27-09-2004   Hits: 8105
Corinna Jasmine Corinna Jasmine is a recent honours graduate of Pacific Design Academy in Victoria BC. Corinna is a skilled seamestress and pattermaker but her love and talent lies in illustration and conceptual design.

Date: 27-03-2008   Hits: 3620
Daniel Munoz Daniel Munoz is a 26 year old up and coming talented fashion illustrator, designer and graphic artist. Daniel has worked with several magazines displaying his beautiful detailed illustrations. His style is unique and admired by his fans. He is currently residing in the state of...

Date: 25-12-2007   Hits: 3770
David Zuker David Zuker | Trendy illustrations by spanish illustrator/designer David Zuker.

Date: 10-10-2007   Hits: 3820
Della Lindsey Della Lindsey is a Freelance Illustrator/Designer with 8+ years experience in her field. She specializes in graphics and illustration for print and web design with the full understanding of the importance of deadline and budget.

Date: 02-09-2007   Hits: 4347
Design by Peppi Design by Peppi | Niki Fisher has studied both Fashion and Graphic Design, although Niki didn't finish Fashion, her illustrations are largely inspired by fashion and femininity. Some of her work has been published in magazines such as Vogue, Oyster and Lip. While studying Niki was...

Date: 12-12-2005   Hits: 5578
Dpiudesign illustration D+design | Portfolio online Freelance Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Art Director Dilek Peker. The portfolio of a illustrator and graphic designer from Italy. She designing stylished illustrations about beautiful women, fashion and tendance.

Date: 21-11-2005   Hits: 4901
Ed Tsuwaki Ed Tsuwaki was born in Hiroshima but now lives in Tokyo. He developed his current style in 1994 when he started using the computer for illustration. His smooth, elongated figures are wide-eyed and knowing, with a touch of the extraterrestrial about them. "Illustrating," says...

Date: 21-09-2010   Hits: 1985
Elena Sofia Famous designer clothes illustrated by me, freelancer fashion illustrator. Here are also images that were posted in different magazines.

Date: 30-03-2006   Hits: 7960
Elisa Drossos Elisa Drossos | Cool! | Illustrations by Elisa Drossos. Focused on fashion, life-style and art.

Date: 28-05-2006   Hits: 3224
Erica Glasier Erica Glasier | Fashion Illustration | Working in fashion and erotic illustration for 12 yrs. For the love of style & beautiful women.

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