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Date: 02-04-2002   Hits: 1915
George Glazer Gallery George Glazer Gallery | Fashion and Costume | Prints & Books | Take our globes for a spin, admire the jewel-like colors of our prints in natural light and see what other surprises we have to offer--we sold the stuffed raven and the four-foot wooden hands, but you never know what...

Date: 16-03-2006   Hits: 2154
History of Costume The History of Costume | The "History of Costume" or "Zur Geschichte der Kostüme" was printed from 1861 to 1880 in Munich by the publishing firm of Braun and Schneider. It was originally published as individual plates in a German magazine titled "Münchener Bilderbogen". Later,...

Date: 16-03-2006   Hits: 1718
Milieux Milieux | The Costume Site-web index for costumers and those interested in costume. History, images, research, museums, instruction, organizations, events, and large source/suppliers listings.

Date: 17-02-2003   Hits: 1463
Northern Society of Costume & Textiles The Northern Society of Costume and Textiles | The Society, a Registered Charity, was founded in 1977 to encourage the study and preservation of costume and textiles, and to researching into the history appertaining to their origins and use. The area covered is approximately that...

Date: 23-01-2003   Hits: 1973
Paper Dolls Paper Dolls | Early paper dolls were luxury items, so expensive that only the wealthiest aristocrats could afford them. They were printed on hand-made rag papers and meticulously colored by hand. With mass production and lower standards, the quality of paper dolls suffered and...

Date: 24-02-2003   Hits: 3043
Reine des Centfeuilles Reine des Centfeuilles | Manufacturer of historical costumes on a high authentic level, reproduction of fashion from middle-ages, renaissance, baroque, rococo, regency, early victorian, late victorian to edwardian era according to original masterpieces of oil paintings, using...

Date: 21-05-2002   Hits: 2456
The Well-Dressed Wench The Well-Dressed Wench | Collection of costume-related links and resources for living history enthusiasts. Medieval and Renaissance, Colonial and American Revolution, and Civil War or Victorian eras.

Date: 20-09-2004   Hits: 3180
What is Fashion What is Fashion | This intriguing site explores fashion issues such as branding and what defines fashion, and includes a wry look at fashion genres as diverse as hip hop style, school uniform and fast food fashion!

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