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Hanuk Kim

Hanuk Kim | Hanuk, the one-name recipient of one of this year's Ecco Domani grants for emerging designers, has a knack for telling good stories and designing original clothes that manage to look at once bookish and chic. His latest collection many look simple compared to the beaded, pleated, puffed and fur-wrapped collections we've seen a lot of so far this New York fashion, however his clothes abound with more subtly nuanced details. For example, stripes on pocketless pants are made of strips of inlayed corduroy and the blouson at the back of a jacket pulls up at the rolled seam in order to reveal a touch of lining at the waistline โ€“ a detail most designers aim to avoid, but something Hanuk finds appealing. But back to the "real" inspiration of the Korean-born, New York-bred designer. "I was in Vegas with my friend Victor [Glemaud] for Sally White's wedding," said Hanuk. "I'd never been to Vegas and there were all these lights โ€“ strobes of lights," Hanuk explained as he pointed to a dress with an abundance of stripes. "Anyway, one morning Victor and I went to Denny's for breakfast and all these people were looking at us โ€“ you know how we look," which is very different from the way most people who frequent Denny's in Las Vegas look, "and we just felt chic. I wanted the girls to feel that chic when they put on the clothes. Chic, but still a little awkward." Hanuk Kim is inspired by his personal cultural diversity, which was cultivated at an early age when his family moved from Korea to the United States. His designs are both pretty and functional, playing with line and form to redefine everyday items into little pieces of art. Hanuk is inspired by everything he sees and experiences: old photographs, books, fashion magazines, media, and the city.
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