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Date: 20-03-2005   Hits: 3472
Fabrics Interseason The Austrian art/fashion label Fabrics Interseason was founded in 1998 by Wally Salner and Johannes Schweiger. The label positions itself and its work within an international network of electronic music, the fine arts and design. Fabrics Interseason conceptual working method...

Date: 22-10-2001   Hits: 2800
Fahad Fahad - Educated in Europe, Fahad combines rich and sumptuous Arabic influence with the best of street fashion. These clothes have attitude. As a photographer as well as designer, Fahad has always been able to present his designs in a uniquely personal way, selecting locations...

Date: 19-02-2002   Hits: 2468
Farhad Farhad haute couture present their last collections ispirated to persian queens and woman on Mars. This collection will attend on Rome at the Franch's Academy in on 22nd of january 2000.

Date: 15-02-2004   Hits: 4203
Fashion Assassin Fashion Assassin - Its war on the fashion clones as leading Australian style director Alex Zabotto-Bentley launches into combat with FashionAssassin reassigned for Summer as Assassino in his first solo show at Mercedes Fashion Week. Ex-military uniforms, sourced from Europe are...

Date: 05-04-2004   Hits: 2376
Fashion Fringe Fashion Fringe Design Competition Creativity London Week Young designers Clothes. Fashion Fringe - Pioneering Creative Talent. Giving anyone the chance to enter a fashion design competition and progress with his or her career in fashion

Date: 17-04-2005   Hits: 2126
Fátima Arrieta Fátima Arrieta - Before leaving school Fátima already it knew that its life was going to be involved with the clothes, the threads and the fabrics. After to have studied design of fashions in the Institute of Fashions and Discharge Seam Rose Bertín, and attended different courses...

Date: 15-01-2002   Hits: 4946
Fatima Lopes Fatima Lopes's label is born in 1992. It started in Lisbon with a shop at Avenida de Roma and individual fashion shows in strange places as a convent, a tobacco's factory or an electricity's museum, always significant events with more than two thousand inviteds. In 1993 the...

Date: 04-12-2001   Hits: 3828
Fendi Fendi is an Italian fashion designer brand founded in 1918, most famous for its selection of shoes and furs. Fendi boutiques can be found all over the world. In recent years, Fendi entered the American market with stores in New York, Bal Harbour, and the Galleria in Houston. Today,...

Date: 21-07-2007   Hits: 1828
Ferenc Csabay CSF by ferenc csabay | Ferenc Csabay, young hungarian fashion designer's website.

Date: 06-05-2003   Hits: 2934
feveredDEVIANT feveredDEVIANT. An unconventional name for a couture-based label described as "painfully cool " and "favourite of the 'in'-crowd". Similarly uncustomary is the designers' background. It's become almost a cliché now to read of 'the talented Central St-Martin's trained designers',...

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