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Date: 10-12-2006   Hits: 1975
Amm Couture Amm Couture | Dutch Haute Couture | “From an early age the idea of being free has always exited me. From this stems the ideology that woman’s clothing should be about freedom and style. Exclusive casual wear should make a statement about the woman wearing it and embody her...

Date: 06-04-2004   Hits: 2223
Ana Salazar Ana Salazar - The ceremony to award the National Prizes for Design hinged on Ana Salazars presence, one of the celebrities to whom homage was paid. The indisputable pioneer of Portuguese fashion was born in 1941, to create the concept of fashion in Portugal. Grandaughter of a...

Date: 13-01-2002   Hits: 1922
Anand Jon Anand Jon - "I meditate every night and upon waking up, I check my e-mail" says Anand Jon, reflecting a transcendental yet technological amalgam lifestyle. Design and fashion afford me the opportunity to express a trans-cultural message and unite people from various parts of the...

Date: 07-11-2005   Hits: 2644
And Beyond ...and beyond are Brigitte Hendrix and Jolanda van den Broek, we work within and for different disciplines. conceptual and applied work exist next to eachother. if we have made you curious, check us out again sometime, there's more to come.

Date: 18-11-2007   Hits: 2202
André Courrèges André Courrèges (born 1923) is a French fashion designer, known for his ultra-modern designs. Born in Pau in 1923. At the age of 25, after studying to be a civil engineer, he went to Paris to work at Geanne Lafaurie fashion design house. A few months later he went over to Balenciaga,...

Date: 27-01-2005   Hits: 1925
Andrea Moore Andrea Moore operates a high end fashion design wholesale and retail operation and has become known for innovative, useful and feminine design and with high quality workman ship. It was set up by Andrea Moore in November 1997. The company uses its indepth knowledge of the the...

Date: 19-11-2006   Hits: 1671
Andrew Buckler Buckler aka sexy bastard. Made in America for Blokes. Andrew Buckler launched the line back in 2001 with a style all his own. It's sexy, stylish, and has gained popular international attention in cult menswear. From premium denim to printed tees, Buckler ups the ante with a laidback...

Date: 21-09-2007   Hits: 1326
Andrew Majtenyi Andrew Majtenyi was born in St. Catharines, Ontario and the youngest of four children. Eventually he studied at Niagara College, London Central School of Fashion, Sheridan College and George Brown College, all of which specialize in various aspects of Fashion Design, Colour Theory...

Date: 13-01-2002   Hits: 2499
Anela Berar Anela Berar - That moment can be seen on my fashion show "New Millenium". A fashion detail doesn`t have to be just material which is a part of clothing. I consider that the fashion detail is each particle of human spirit as well, which can be noticed in the real life as well as...

Date: 15-02-2004   Hits: 1912
Angeline Harrington Angeline Harrington - In her designs, Angeline is making a name by redefining old ideas. With strong ready-to-wear collections, precise tailoring and fabrics ranging from dark stark cloth to light feminine geometric designs, the label reflects forward thinking and cleverly constructed...

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