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Date: 12-11-2005   Hits: 4554
9linesmag 9linesmag | The independent voice 4 creative people. Every day fashion news, fashion edito, features, interview 4 famous designers & young talent, and more stuff for u...

Date: 26-05-2008   Hits: 2760
A Bag Named Isabella A Bag Named Isabella is a new LA based fashion blog. An artist is working on a new logo and the site will soon be a vlog (video blog!).

Date: 09-01-2006   Hits: 6330
A Dress A Day Dress lovers, rejoice! A visit to the Dress a Day blog will reward you with a new and lovely dress to read about, one a day. This blogger's taste tends toward the vintage and quirky, but for those with an interest in the history and style of great design houses like Balenciaga,...

Date: 24-05-2008   Hits: 2919
A la Mode A la Mode is a French saying, which means “of fashion” it, is what is happening now. (Yes, it also means a dessert served with a portion of ice cream but that's with the accent, à la mode ;) )This blog focuses on current fashion trends, new and established designers, street style,...

Date: 29-05-2010   Hits: 2566
A little princess A little princess | I'm 12 years old kid who have a fashion blog... there are my outfits :)

Date: 05-05-2008   Hits: 2054
A puro diseño El diseño puro esta repleto de imágenes, imágenes que marcan tendencia, imágenes de lujo, para él, para vos. La vida es rosa, tenemos que verla de esa manera o al menos pintarla de ese maravilloso color, el mismo que usan diseñadores, ilustradores y maquilladores. Porque no conjugar...

Date: 13-09-2005   Hits: 3693
A Shaded View on fashion Diane Pernet introduces A Shaded View on fashion Legendary fashion critic and video-journalist Diane Pernet introduces her web log, A Shaded View on fashion at www.ashadedviewonfashion.com. With Lifeblog technology from Nokia (www.nokia.com/lifeblog), Pernet can now instantaneously...

Date: 27-03-2006   Hits: 3515
A wee bit skint. A wee bit skint. | Consumerism to make mother russia proud. Style & Fashion from around the world and on the net.

Date: 06-08-2006   Hits: 4282
Absolutey Fabulous Absolutey Fabulous | Fiona Hering, Danie Bles en Dian Beekman hebben mijn modehart. De Jackie,Glamour, Elle en Vogue gaan overal mee naartoe. Fashion is my passion, zo cliché maar het is wel zo. Het leven zou een stuk minder leuk zijn zonder Ralph, Marc en Coco. Dare to be...

Date: 09-09-2007   Hits: 2790
Aesthetics + Economics Aesthetics + Economics is my attempt to find an outlet for an intense interest in fashion and design in general. My aims are twofold: to find interlocutors so that I might refine my knowledge of the inner workings of fashion and the design-oriented business world, and to share...

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