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Date: 14-11-2006   Hits: 1231
Frock (daily) Frock (daily) about *Frocks and all things related to Frocks, including models, photographers, mucic, broccoli and carrots… etc. The catch is, if it didn’t happen in London, if the dress cannot be found in London and if New York models eat less than the ones in London, well…...

Date: 15-01-2002   Hits: 1577
fuk.co.uk fuk.co.uk syndication is an award-winning fashion site magazine which is exclusive to the Web and features tons of handy fashion resources as well as all the latest streetwear news and same-day catwalk reports. Fashion UK is an online magazine specialized in fashion ( of course)...

Date: 15-07-2003   Hits: 2688
Full Frontal Fashion Full Frontal Fashion | A television show covering the world of fashion -- runway shows, designers, and new trends. Dish on the latest fashions, hot designers and more on our Full Frontal Fashion board. Full Frontal Fashion correspondents Christina Ha, Judy Licht and Robert Verdi...

Date: 07-02-2002   Hits: 1534
Furs Furs.com is an independent, online consumer magazine offering the latest fur fashion news, fur facts, fur care information, fur shopping tips and more. Online since 1995, furs.com (previously known as FurOnline) is the most popular fur magazine in the world. Our sister company,...

Date: 18-11-2002   Hits: 1579
Girl on the Street Girl on the Street (G.O.T.S.) consists of the consulting services of Chauncey Zalkin, author of bi-monthly trend and lifestyle reports including the reports right here on girlonthestreet.com, in addition to customized trend boards and reports for major companies and...

Date: 19-02-2007   Hits: 2700
Girlscene Girlscene | Voor het laatste nieuws over fashion, beauty & lifestyle terecht op http://www.girlscene.nl. Deze site is een onderdeel van de brede lifestyle portal, http://www.yourscene.nl, die beheerd wordt door newrulez. Girlscene.nl vervangt de populaire meidenwebsite Minettes.nl....

Date: 24-12-2006   Hits: 1253
Glam Glam a breakthrough convergence between fashion and technology, enabling users to shop for fashion and to find styles uniquely suited to them in a way that's never before been possible on the web. Glam.com is a new online entertainment site covering fashion, shopping and celebrity...

Date: 16-10-2005   Hits: 1332
Glam Glam | Imagine a lazy afternoon of browsing through your favorite fashion magazine, getting caught up on the latest trends, hottest styles, and celebrity news while your savvy personal shopper stands by to help you purchase any item in the magazine that catches your fancy. All...

Date: 11-05-2004   Hits: 1632
GlamgURL GlamgURL - Het virtuele magazine voor elke fashionista!

Date: 28-05-2004   Hits: 1623
GlamPop GlamPop was created to project the 'individualist' theme of London to the rest of the world. The city thrives on the cosmopolitan vibe. Just like London, the rest of the world is gradually becoming a playground for people who want to express themselves and be inspired by others....

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