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Date: 20-08-2001   Hits: 1685
Fashion Television Fashion Television - Get online with us and explore the world's most glamourous industry! From top designers to sexy rising stars, we've got haute couture, everyday fashion, style, models, art, and architecture. Exclusive fashion videos and photo essays bring fashion to life! Fashion...

Date: 19-08-2001   Hits: 1653
Fashion TV Fashion TV - The first and only international TV channel dedicated to fashion - 24 hours a day. The global leader in the fashion niche since 1997. Broadcast on 31 satellites, thousands of cable systems. Reaching over 300 million households on all five continents. Universal - scoring...

Date: 04-02-2002   Hits: 1521
Fashion Windows FashionWindows | Internet's database on Fashion Windows - fashion, visual merchandising and mannequins. In 1996, Tom Massey and Mari Davis wanted to do an internet project that they can pour their talent into and have creative freedom to boot. Mari Davis was working for a specialized...

Date: 19-08-2001   Hits: 1486
Fashion Wire Daily Fashion Wire Daily is the world's leading newswire service devoted to fashion, celebrity style, entertainment and lifestyle news. With a network of top fashion reporters and photographers posted in NY, LA and three European bureaus, covering the latest news and trends, FWD is in...

Date: 25-12-2007   Hits: 1500
Fashion Wire Press Fashion Wire Press is an online journal that covers fashion related events around the world. Founded by photographer Ed Kavishe of Imajin Studios & Management, Our team of photographers are available for hire to fashion shows, red carpet events, after parties and awards ceremonies....

Date: 03-06-2004   Hits: 1434
Fashion Worlds Fashion Worlds - All about fashion designers and influences past, present, famous and up-coming, with original articles and regular news updates. We are a group of enthusiastic students from villages across Dorset in the UK. We have varied backgrounds in fashion, design, art...

Date: 26-04-2006   Hits: 2351
Fashion-Fever Fashion-Fever | Een site vol fashion, beauty, celebs en modellen. Elke dag updates! En regelmatig leuke prijsvragen en acties. Er is ook een druk bezocht forumwaarin je kunt kletsen met andere meiden over bijv. mode. Het forum heeft nu al 115 leden. Een mooie site van een webmiss...

Date: 16-12-2006   Hits: 1224
Fashion.psfk Fashion.psfk is a collaborative fashion trends reporting resource for industry professionals and fashion watchers alike. It is run by Amanda Gore, Piers Fawkes, Simon King and Michelle Morton-Banks with a team of contributors in Europe, Australia, the US and Asia.

Date: 27-12-2006   Hits: 1278
Fashion156 Fashion156 | The brand new online fashion webzine that presents style in an exciting, innovative and thought provoking way. With a new issue every 12 days you’ll have instant access to the latest “most wanted” items for both men and women, spectacular fashion shoots, style advice,...

Date: 27-04-2008   Hits: 1157
Fashion156.com Fashion156.com | We're the online style magazine that was set up to showcase the hottest new designers from across the globe, and report on fashion as it happens. Here at fashion156.com we pride ourselves on being "the style zine for the fashion forward" and recently a whole host...

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