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Ancient Costume and Modern Fashion

Ancient Costume and Modern Fashion | Within the past few years art in dress has become an accomplished fact, and historic costume as a serious subject of art research has developed new and fascinating possibilities. The far-reaching archaeological connections of the subject have been especially emphasized as recent discoveries and excavations have more and more brought to light the manner of dress in the ancient world. The trend of fashion a few years ago took a turn far backward into antiquity. What was worn in the days of the Pharaohs was made to seem new, interpreted by Parisian designers who dip into ancient history with such careless aplomb, and flit with case from one epoch to another, from early Egyptian to Victorian days before yesterday. It is acknowledged that it is this facile dexterity in combining past and present, the ability to cull suggestions from other eras, and endow them with the personal touch of today--and tomorrow--that has given the French designers their supremacy in dictating modern fashions. In the field of stage costume design there has been much rivalry in European centers, while in America the desire to create in all fields of costume design has already had very practical results. There are now plenty of opportunities for training in this branch of art. We have not only the numerous special courses offered in art schools, but still more important, the co-operation of museums and art reference libraries, opening up avenues of special knowledge only waiting to be utilized by individuals. And the study of the evolu tion of costume has a wide interest going far beyond the merely professional one. In the glass of fashion down the ages is presented such a wealth of human associations of universal interest.
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