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Dressing Baby

Dressing Baby | The decade of the 1850s was one in which women's and children's clothing saw a tremendous surge towards excess. In women's fashions, skirts widened to the point where wire frames had to be used to support them; each massive skirt sported flounces, laces, ribbons, or any variety of other often gaudy trimmings. As the dressing of children was in a mother's domain, this taste for high ornamentation couldn't help but spill over into children's clothing. At least one contemporary figure, Sara Josepha Hale, during her 50 year tenure as Editress of the Ladies' Magazine (1828-1836) and Godey's Lady's Book (1837-1877), often called for simplicity and comfort in selecting clothing suitable for infants. "They are not puppets," she pointed out in July of 1850, "made for the display of fine clothes; or Paris dolls to be tricked out in the extravagance of latest fashion".
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