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Démodé Couture

Démodé | Pictures and commentary on reproduction dresses from early Regency to the 1890s, advice on making 1830-50 underpinnings, recommended books, links to general resources and photos of real Victorian clothing. Démodé | adjective: old fashioned, out of style, unfashionable [from French, the past participle of démoder "to go out of fashion," from mode "fashion"]. Kendra has been sewing since she was a wee lass, when her mother taught her sew on her Singer machine. Her first big project was a purple calico sundress for 4-H. Little did she know that she would have to participate in a judged fashion show wearing this sundress (evil fascist 4-H!), where her hem was determined to be sub-par. Her hems have sucked ever since. Later forays into sewing were relatively unsuccessful, such as the upsetting-to-remember tiered iridescent lace skirt made with her mother's help (after sewing wrong sides to right sides too many times, they swore that next time they'd just buy the damn thing). Kendra discovered the joy of sewing late in high school, when a friend (very sweetly!) made her a very badly fitting Renaissance Faire bodice. She thought, "I can do better than this!" and lo, she could! Her first bodice (bright blue cotton, coffee dyed to pass costume approval, and smelling of coffee forever after) was a success, and she was soon suckered into creating costumes for other Ren Faire friends. She quickly developed a need for a new costume every year, and when she started dancing at historic balls, a dark path opened before her. Kendra primarily creates historic costumes for herself (she has sewn for profit before, and could be talked into it again for the right amount of money). Her current emphasis is on costume of the nineteenth century, although she's particularly fascinated by the 1770s-1790s, 1870s, and 1910s. She has an almost unnatural passion for stripes, thinks that all clothing should include box pleats and massive amounts of piping, and would be inordinately happy to spend her life on the couch hand sewing. Her DVD collection includes an entire shelf of what is known to her husband as, "Girlie Costume Films."
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