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Daguerreian Society

The daguerreotype is a visual wonder. Let us share with you a number of galleries of stunning 19th century imagery as well as the exquisite work of modern daguerreians. We've prepared a brief history of the daguerreotype, an extensive daguerreian bibliography, an illustrated description of the process, a look into a daguerreian materials manufactory, many 19th and early 20th century texts, and much more. Our resources are extensive; be prepared to spend some time here! The Daguerreian Society, founded in 1988, is an American organisation made up of individuals and institutions sharing a common interest in the art, history and practice of daguerreotype photography, which was pioneered in the 19th century by French artists and photographers Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre (1787-1851) and Joseph-Nicéphore Niépce (1765-1833). The website includes galleries of daguerreotype photographs, articles about the history, process and development of the daguerreotype and a bibliography of the literature surrounding the subject. There is membership information on the website and links to the Society's newsletter, annual [publication] and membership directory with information on how to purchase these items. The links section provides an extensive list of links relating to the daguerreotype as well as links of photohistorical and general historical interest.
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