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Doll Face

Cocktails are unmistakably cosmopolitan, conveying the spirit of sophistication and leisure, casual conversation and swank soirees. We recognize the need for a return of this lost lifestyle, and balance it with the modern philosophy of being a part of the solution, not part of the problem. We are dedicated to preserving the planet and making a difference. We believe in healthy skin and a happy planet! Most of all, we believe in the swagger and confidence that comes from knowing you are putting your best face forward on the long red carpet of your life.
Doll Face Beauty Cocktails™ are so called because like a cocktail, each product is carefully handmade with just the right ingredients. Our mission is to bring integrity, honesty, and glamour into the field of skin care. These unique products contain fresh ingredients like flower extracts, sea minerals, plant oils, milk, honey, vitamins, organic juices and essential oils. Skin is natural, and only nature can provide the perfect balance your skin needs! Only nature knows how to effectively revitalize and condition your skin, maintaining the integrity of surface tissues and natural oils. We are very proud of our emphasis on antioxidants, which are crucial in the battle against premature signs of aging. Doll Face Beauty Cocktails™ is 100% recyclable, and free of artificial fragrance and color, relying instead on natural hues and essential oils for luscious scent. Tested on starlets, not on animals!

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