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Emmi aloe vera

Renowned for our track record of making tasty Swiss treats, Emmi is a synonym for delicious, quality natural foods. With ALOE VERA YOGURT and ALOE VERA YOGURT DRINK, Emmi has again turned up two winners. Creamy mild YOGURT made from the finest Swiss milk, its low 1,3 % fat content makes it a staple of every balanced low-calorie diet. ALOE VERA YOGURT is more than merely a new YOGURT sen-sation; it is a sensual experience that pampers your taste buds and promotes well-being and beauty. This seductive new YOGURT is sure to win you over, so go ahead and enjoy. ALOE VERA has long been a mainstay of skincare, and its use as a nutritional supplement - usually in the form of preserved Aloe Vera juice - is on the rise. Courtesy of the painstaking efforts of our R&D department, we have perfected a range of high-quality ALOE VERA products. With the debut of these products, we are making the undisputed benefits of this unique plant available to the public. YOGURT is consumed regularly in more than 90% of all households. With so many people attuned to the benefits of these nutritious products, their popularity will soon transcend national boundaries, enhancing YOGURT's reputation as a health food all over the world. Naturally, ALOE VERA YOGURT is made exclusively of natural produce and contains no preservatives or binding agents. Every 150g cup of YOGURT contains 15g of pure ALOE VERA. Every 250ml bottle of YOGURT drink contains 25g of pure ALOE VERA. This high Aloe Vera dosage exists to 100% out of Aloe Vera barbadensis Miller. Only the pure gel is used for the production and all valuable contents materials of the aloe Vera plant is contained in the aloe Vera preparation. The combination of creamy YOGURT and choice chunks of ALOE VERA is wonderfully refreshing, its taste a unique treat for your palate. These Aloe Vera products are the latest achievements in the pursuit of Emmi's vision - to provide wholesome natural foods of unrivalled quality.
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