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Anne Barone

Anne Barone | After a fat and miserable childhood, a fatter and more miserable adolescence, and lose/gain/gain-more college years, Anne Barone discovered how those chic French women eat all that rich food and still stay slim. Using her own translation of French techniques, Anne Barone lost 55 pounds. Now 59, she has stayed slim for more than 30 years through marriage, motherhood, divorce, financial difficulties, career setbacks, major surgery, and struggles to publish her Chic & Slim books. Anne Barone has lived and traveled — and eaten well — in 28 countries. She has never met a cuisine she did not like. In the 1980s, she returned to live in the USA and adapted French slimming techniques to life in the obesity-prone USA. She spent the 1990s on the “Texas Riviera.” In her bayside condo, Anne Barone created the Chic & Slim books and website in which she shares those French secrets for chic style and staying slim. In 2000, Anne Barone temporarily relocated to North Texas to be nearer her mother with health problems. She is still there. She lives in a nationally recognized historic neighborhood in the once oil boomtown of Wichita Falls. She occupies two apartments, one for living and one as business headquarters, in a Italian Renaissance Revival style building built during a post World War I oil boom. From her apartments’ windows she has a 360 degree view of the neighborhood: a park, a statue, a fountain, a vacant lot, a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, a tree lined-street of classic American bungalows, a (suspected) drug house and illegal meth lab, towering old pecan trees, a historic mansion converted to a bed and breakfast, a large Baptist church and, usually, at least two neighborhood stray cats waiting to be fed. More about Anne’s life and neighborhood adventures appears from time to time in her regular weekly postings on her Chic & Slim website: annebarone.com in her Bonjour 2004.
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